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2014-04-30 09:51:24

When it comes to luxury brands, the ruder the sales staff the better the sales.

2013-06-11 14:05:00

A new study by UBC's Sauder School of Business says retailers should consider admonishing queue jumpers and thoughtless store browsers to ease aggression between shoppers.

Materialistic Consumers Find Happiness In ‘Wanting’, Not ‘Having’
2013-01-15 15:28:06

According to a new research report, it turns out that money really can buy happiness after all. Sort of. A study released today shows that materialistic consumers get more happiness from wanting products than they do from actually having them.

2011-03-17 20:32:59

If you're considering a purchase, you might want to avoid asking an expert's advice.

2010-11-15 21:15:04

You aced that test; now it's time for a treat.

2010-09-20 23:09:08

Clues to consumer behavior may be lurking our genes, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

2010-07-21 12:28:17

The confidence you feel when making a choice might depend on whether you're thinking concretely or abstractly.

2010-05-09 08:05:40

Straying from the grocery list can yield some surprises in your shopping cart, but not necessarily in your wallet.

2010-01-22 00:50:59

Expert consumers like to be surprised by unusual product presentation, while novices crave familiarity, so claims a new Pitt/USC study titled “Smart Subcategories: How Assortment Formats Influence Consumer Learning and Satisfaction,” to be published in the June issue of “Journal of Consumer Research.”

2010-01-19 18:58:48

Are we overloaded and paralyzed by too many choices, or is it good to have so many options?

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