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2005-10-18 21:55:40

Led by Professor Jukka Lekkala, the Wireless research project is developing miniscule subcutaneous sensors, which can be used to monitor, for example, the function of the heart or prosthetic joints even over long periods of time. The Academy of Finland is funding the project, whose goal is to provide the more accurate prediction of changes in patient condition and, in turn, even save lives. "For example, a subcutaneous EKG monitor will be able to detect cardiac arrhythmia, and the data for...

2005-10-04 12:28:15

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Finnish researchers are developing a microchip that keeps track of heart activity under the patient's skin and can alert doctors to any health problems, but testing it on humans could still be some way off. The working group, led by professor Jukka Lekkala at Tampere University of Technology, has been working on a wireless device for measuring health data for several years and is planning to test the prototypes of the chip on cows later this year. "We have a...

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