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Indonesian Earthquake: Update
2012-04-11 08:37:20

Lawrence LeBlond for RedOrbit.com Wednesday´s powerful 8.6-magnitude earthquake that struck off Indonesia´s western coast at 2:38 p.m. local time, was followed by fears of a tsunami, gripping a region that still had the 2004 tsunami -- one that ravaged numerous coastal communities along the Indian Ocean and killing more than 230,000 people -- fresh in their minds. But hours after the fears of a tsunami subsided, a strong 8.2-magnitude aftershock hit the region sparking a new...

2010-12-23 17:59:23

Technical setup of the early warning sysem completed Six years after the tsunami disaster of 26/12/2004, the set-up of the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean (GITEWS) has been completed. The project ends on 31 March 2011. After that, Indonesia accepts the sole responsibility for the overall system. "The innovative technical approach of GITEWS is based on a combination of different sensors, whose central element is a fast and precise detection and analysis of...

2008-11-10 14:03:47

The newly implemented Tsunami Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean, GITEWS, goes into operation today and with this, the system enters its final phase of optimization. As foreseen, the system was officially handed over to the BMKG (Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysical Agency of Indonesia) by the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, slightly less than four years after the catastrophe of 2004. "We are very pleased to put the Tsunami...

2006-08-29 09:19:16

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.4 undersea earthquake struck Indonesia's Moluccas islands on Tuesday and there was a possibility of a tsunami, an official at the meteorological agency said. "There is a possibility of a tsunami, but until now we have not received a report that it has happened," Fauzi, head seismologist at the agency, told Reuters.

2006-08-15 00:10:00

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia in the Banda sea area on Tuesday, an official at the national earthquake center said, but there were no reports of damage or a tsunami. "There was a quake in Banda sea at 10:05 a.m. Jakarta time (0305 GMT)," said Fauzi at the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (MGA). "There is no potential tsunami and also no damage." The U.S. Geological Survey put the earthquake's magnitude at a strong 6.1 and at a depth of 39 km (24...

2006-07-29 20:20:47

By Achmad Sukarsono JAKARTA (Reuters) - A tsunami that killed more than 600 people on Java island less than two weeks ago will weigh on a group of global weather scientists when they meet in Indonesia this week to discuss a system aimed at reducing such deaths. The Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System was formed after the December 26, 2004 tsunami that killed around 230,000 in a dozen Indian Ocean nations. With the tragedy...

2006-07-27 07:50:00

JAKARTA -- An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 hit offshore the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said on Thursday. The United States Geological Survey put the quake, which occurred at 1116 GMT, at a magnitude of 6.0. Senior Indonesian seismologist Fauzi told Jakarta-based Radio Elshinta the earthquake appeared too small to trigger a tsunami. "We don't need to be concerned about the possibility of a tsunami. The scale was too low for a tsunami....

2006-07-26 04:24:19

JAKARTA (Reuters) - More than half of an estimated 45,000 Indonesians who were displaced by last week's tsunami on the south coast of Java have returned home, officials said on Wednesday. Nine days after the disaster many of those who had fled to higher ground were back working on their fields or fishing in the ocean. Thousands of people took shelter in mosques or tents in the hills after the huge waves brought death and destruction to a 300-km (185-mile) stretch of Java's south...

2006-07-24 03:25:55

By Crack Palinggi PANGANDARAN, Indonesia (Reuters) - Indonesian children returned to school on Monday in an area of Java devastated by a tsunami, the latest sign of a slow resumption of normal life after the killer waves struck a week ago. Elementary students in this fishing and beach resort, which suffered the brunt of the disaster, were encouraged to sing songs to relieve stress but also given a lesson on how to recognize a future tsunami. "Birds behave weirdly, suddenly the sea...

2006-07-23 04:58:13

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A strong undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia's Sulawesi island on Sunday, a meteorology and geophysics official said. Fauzi, the head of the agency's earthquake center, said the quake, of 6.6 magnitude, was at a depth of 62 km (40 miles) under the sea and the epicenter was 90 km (60 miles) southeast of the city of Gorontalo. The quake comes less than a week after another powerful undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami on the south coast of Java...

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