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2008-07-29 12:00:00

By Glenn Garvin, The Miami Herald Jul. 29--Jurassic Fight Club, 9-10 p.m. Tuesday, History In The Gutter, 10-11 p.m. Tuesday, Starz You can learn a lot from life's little coincidences. The weekend I screened an advance copy of In The Gutter, a new documentary about the history of gross-out movies, I also caught a rerun of The Way We Were, the old Barbra Streisand/Robert Redford flick about the World War II generation. The Way We Were characters amuse themselves by arguing about the...

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2011-02-25 17:03:51

Utahraptor, meaning "Utah's predator," is a genus of theropod dinosaur from the upper Barremian stage of the early Cretaceous Period (approximately 126 million years ago). Utahraptor was discovered by James Kirkland, Robert Gaston, and Donald Burge in 1991 in Grand County, Utah, within the Yellow Cat and Poison Strip region of the Cedar Mountain Formation. The type specimen, and only known species, U. ostrommaysorum, is housed at the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum. However,...

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