Latest Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Stories

2008-10-22 09:00:10

SmartCells, Inc. and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) today announced a partnership to advance SmartCells' SmartInsulin(TM) for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. SmartInsulin will be a once-a-day, glucose-regulated subcutaneous insulin formulation for treating diabetes. SmartInsulin is injectable, like today's currently available insulins, but designed to maintain continuous, tight control of blood glucose levels while reducing the risk of hypoglycemia - like the pancreas does...

2008-10-14 13:00:00

Genetics researchers have identified two novel gene locations that raise the risk of type 1 diabetes. As they continue to reveal pieces of the complicated genetic puzzle for this disease, the researchers expect to improve predictive tests and devise preventive strategies. "As we add to our knowledge of the biology of type 1 diabetes and better understand details of the disease's genetic risk, we will be able to develop better diagnostic tests that meaningfully predict who will develop...

2008-10-07 18:00:35

PPD, Inc. (Nasdaq: PPDI) today announced it has been selected as a full-service preferred provider for translational clinical development services by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and will share its expertise with academic investigators who are conducting JDRF-funded, early phase clinical trials for type 1 diabetes and its complications. JDRF is the world's largest charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research. Last year, the foundation funded more than 1,000 grants in...

2008-10-01 00:14:13

Sisters Hannah and Emma Fullalove have taken part in a sponsored walk at Saltram to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The girls, both pupils at Plymouth College Preparatory School, have friends with Type 1 diabetes, and after seeing their struggle with special foods and insulin injections, they wanted to do their bit to help fund research into a cure. Instead of sponsorship money, the girls, aged 10 and eight respectively, asked their school friends for donations...

2008-09-26 09:00:35

Vishal Bhagat was a former student at the University of Texas and suffered from juvenile diabetes. A cause near to his heart, Vishal understood diabetes affects millions of children around the world. In effort to help find a cure, he pioneered the "Sugar-Free Bowl," a charity flag football tournament that benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Sadly, Vishal's life was cut short by a tragic drowning accident. Now in its third year, family and friends established "Clubs for Cure"...

2008-09-17 15:00:11

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/06345f/diabetics_attitud) has announced the addition of the "Diabetics: Attitudes and Behaviors in the United States 2008" report to their offering. Diabetes is a highly complex disease that entails a range of screening methods, treatment, monitoring, and management. Comprised of pre-diabetes, Type 1 (an autoimmune disease) and Type 2 (a metabolic disorder), diabetes affects 23.6 million people in the U.S., with another 57...

2008-09-10 18:00:34

A U.S. study has determined type 1 diabetes patients using continuous glucose monitoring improved their HbA1c blood sugar control levels. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International-funded trial showed type 1 diabetes patients using continuous glucose monitoring, or CGM, devices experienced significant improvements in HbA1c blood sugar control. HbA1c is a form of hemoglobin that's used to identify the average plasma glucose concentration in a patient's blood during prolonged...

2008-09-08 09:00:52

New study data presented by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) today at the 44th annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), showed the use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to be effective in the management of Type 1 Diabetes. The JDRF initiated the study to help increase access to and reimbursement of this new technology, which has been heralded as one of the most significant advancements in diabetes self-management in the past...

2008-09-08 09:00:51

Results of the largest ever Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) study were published online today by the New England Journal of Medicine. The study demonstrated that Personal CGM therapy significantly reduced the average blood glucose levels (A1c) of adult patients with type 1 diabetes, validating the growing body of clinical evidence in support of Personal CGM therapy and its ability to substantially improve diabetes management and glucose control. Studies have shown that reducing A1c can...

2008-08-31 21:00:22

BURGESS HILL, England, September 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With some 20,000 UK children with Type 1 diabetes(i) about to start the new school year, new guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) looks set to revolutionise the way children manage their diabetes, granting more freedom and control for their condition, by greater access to insulin pump therapy. The new recommendations finally acknowledge key research(ii) supported by Roche, that shows the...

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