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New Road Rage Study Shows What Upsets Drivers Most
2013-01-10 18:38:25

Alan McStravick for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online ℠Be the change you wish to see in the world.´ — Mahatma K. Gandhi Gandhi´s offering is simple enough. I hear people bandy the saying around, but is it really put into practice? Do people even know how they might recognize situations where their behavior can be a shining example of what, to many, is simply a platitude en vogue? Well, according to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH),...

2009-01-21 15:23:16

A new study finds that smokers of menthol cigarettes may have a harder time kicking the habit than those who smoke the standard variety. The findings, which held true particularly for lower-income smokers, adds to other evidence that mentholated cigarettes may be particularly addictive.  They also highlight the role that socioeconomics may play in the trend. The study's results showed that blacks and Hispanics who smoked menthol cigarettes had lower long-term quit rates than their...

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