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2011-04-19 12:02:00

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2010-02-22 12:50:00

Thanks to the introduction of various non-native species to Australia throughout history, the country is overrun with feral animals.

2009-01-16 17:45:00

An Australian park ranger and his girlfriend, a park surveillance officer, say a giant crocodile butted their dinghy in a marshy area in Kakadu Park. The crocodile, which they estimated as close to 20 feet long, then stuck its head out of the water Tuesday and gave them a long look, Matt Dunley and Sarah Bentley told The Australian.

2008-07-15 03:00:21

Media Only Contact: iExplore, Inc. George Deeb Founder and CEO 312-492-9443 x102 pressrelease@iexplore.com iExplore (www.iExplore.com) announced today their list of Top Ten World Safari Experiences as determined by the iExplore team of world travel experts. 1.

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Black Wallaroo, Macropus bernardus
2013-06-07 13:34:52

The black wallaroo (Macropus bernardus), also known as Woodward's wallaroo or Bernard's wallaroo, is a member of the Macropodidae family that can be found in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. This area occurs in mountainous habitat between Nabarlek and South Alligator River that contains open eucalyptus forests and closed forests. The black wallaroo is the smallest and most unique of all wallaroo species. It displays sexual dimorphism, with males appearing to be all black or dark...

Short-eared Rock Wallaby, Petrogale brachyotis
2012-10-27 14:50:54

The short-eared rock wallaby (Petrogale brachyotis) can be found in Northern and Western Australia and the far north areas of the Northern Territory. It prefers a habitat within rocky areas in savannahs, gorges, hills, and monsoon forests. Some experts have noted possible subspecies, but these are debatable and have not been classified under the short-eared rock wallaby. The short-eared rock wallaby is large in comparison to the other members in its genus, the monjon and the nabarlek. It...

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