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2011-08-03 09:40:00

Ugandan and French paleontologists on Tuesday announced the discovery of a 20-million-year-old ape skull they had dug up at an extinct volcano in the northeastern Karamoja region of Uganda, saying the find could shed light on the region's evolutionary history. The scientists say preliminary analysis shows the tree-climbing animal was around 10 years old when it perished. The skull was found on July 18 while the team of paleontologists were looking for fossils around the extinct volcano....

2009-06-15 12:25:00

According to the Climate Change Unit of Uganda's ministry of water and environment, one of the highest peaks in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains, Mount Speke, went from being covered with 536 acres of ice in 1906, to a mere 45.7 acres in 2006. Satellite images taken in 1987 and again in 2005 reveal that the majority of the thaw has taken place over the past 20 years. 87-year-old Yasamu Maate speaks of a time when he could stand in his garden on a clear, cloudless morning and see the ice caps on...

2008-09-09 06:00:17

Text of report by Ganzi Muhanguzi entitled "IDPs destroy 72 per cent forests in north" published by state-owned, mass-circulation Ugandan daily The New Vision website on 9 September Over 72 per cent of forest reserves in northern Uganda have been destroyed by internally displaced people (IDPs) returning to their villages, environment state minister has said. Jessica Eriyo noted that the destruction of wetlands in Teso and Karamoja sub-regions would lead to grave climate changes and...

2006-02-13 05:58:57

KAMPALA (Reuters) - Gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in the volatile northeast of the country as he campaigned ahead of elections this month, the army said on Monday. Museveni, 62, was not hurt in the attack, which took place late on Saturday near Kangole village in Moroto district, said Presidential Guard Brigade spokesman Lieutenant Edison Kwesiga. "The president is safe and is carrying on with his campaigns," Kwesiga said in a statement....

2005-09-21 07:24:23

By Daniel Wallis KAABONG, Uganda (Reuters) - There was nothing the men of Kosui could do when gun-toting Jie warriors drove off their cattle in the middle of the night. Local chief Sipiriano Lokwi said they had already handed over their weapons to the Ugandan army -- a rare example of cooperation with attempts to disarm Karamoja, Uganda's most forgotten and destitute region. Across mountainous Karamoja, gunmen haunt ambush sites dubbed "No Man's Land" and "Beirut," shoot-outs with...

2005-09-20 07:54:54

By Daniel Wallis MORUNGOLE, Uganda (Reuters) - After Betty Lokol's 2-year-old son died of hunger, she was ready to do whatever the village witch-doctor said. He advised the 25-year-old Ugandan mother to smear ochre mud on her forehead and on her three surviving children. Everyone in the village was told to do the same. Drought has struck Uganda's Karamoja region repeatedly in recent years and the witch-doctor said the mud would ward off the cholera that has preyed on those weakened...

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