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2008-08-04 03:00:15

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Aug. 4--If Sedgwick County residents want a better quality of life, says Sonja Armbruster, the question is: "Better than what?" It's a question that the Sedgwick County Health Department hopes to begin to answer with a quality-of-life survey that's being launched today. Armbruster, community health assessment coordinator, said the survey is part of a national movement to assess communities "so we can better measure quality of life, and...

2008-07-24 03:00:00

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jul. 24--GraceMed Health Clinic will get $520,000 to provide dental services to people with little or no access to care in counties around Wichita. Its grant was one of several announced Wednesday to expand dental care to uninsured and underinsured Kansans, especially in rural areas. The money is from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and five private foundations. GraceMed's money will fund a dental hygienist and portable...

2008-07-22 03:00:18

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jul. 22--If you keep up with health headlines, you know vitamin D is a bit of a celebrity lately: Low vitamin D levels are common in otherwise healthy children, putting them at risk of rickets, or soft bones. High vitamin D levels seem to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Low vitamin D levels are associated with high death rates from breast and colon cancer and kidney disease. Low vitamin D levels are associated with a higher risk of...

2008-06-26 03:02:36

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jun. 26--Summer means swimming, which often means swimmer's ear, an outer ear infection. It happens when water gets trapped in the ear canal, breaking down the natural defenses against bacteria and fungi and giving them a chance to grow. You (or your child) might notice pain in one ear, itching or a feeling of fullness. You can ease the achiness with a dose of ibuprofen and a warm washcloth held against the ear. Mayo Clinic and Parenting...

2008-06-25 03:02:49

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jun. 25--Almost $1.4 million in state funding will go to seven Wichita health clinics to provide medical care, prescription assistance and dental services to those who otherwise couldn't afford them. The money is part of $6.2 million being allocated statewide to safety net clinics. It's an increase of about $2.5 million from this year's allocation and was part of a health reform package approved by the Legislature. "This was extremely...

2008-06-21 03:00:23

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jun. 21--Part of the mission of the "Our Body: The Universe Within" exhibit is to get people to look at themselves in a different way, so pairing the exhibit with presentations by Genesis Health Clubs is a natural fit, said Christina Bluml, communications manager for Exploration Place. Representatives from Genesis will be at Exploration Place beginning today for a series of presentations between now and the exhibit's closing in October. Genesis...

2008-06-17 03:00:38

By Karen Shideler, The Wichita Eagle, Kan. Jun. 17--When Andrea McClellan of Wichita switched asthma inhalers earlier this year, she felt as if the new one didn't work. It's a common complaint, say Wichita pharmacist Liz Hicks and Hutchinson allergist Teri Lower, who have heard from scores of patients. The problem: Inhaler manufacturers are switching the propellant used to push albuterol into patients' lungs. The change makes the inhalers work differently, taste different and cost...

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