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2012-01-31 09:15:30

For those with few social advantages, college is a prime pathway to financial stability, but it also unexpectedly lowers their odds of ever marrying, according to a study by Cornell University sociologist Kelly Musick being published in the February issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family (available online: http://bit.ly/yt9uwJ). The findings suggest that social and cultural factors, not just income, are central to marriage decisions. Men and women from the least advantaged backgrounds...

2012-01-18 22:40:05

Benefits of marriage reduce over time while cohabiting couples experience greater happiness and self esteem A new study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family reveals that married couples experience few advantages for psychological well-being, health, or social ties compared to unmarried couples who live together. While both marriage and cohabitation provide benefits over being single, these reduce over time following a honeymoon period. "Marriage has long been an important...

2009-06-07 23:28:37

Teens tend to fare better when they live with both biological parents, but when parents frequently argue, young adults can fail to thrive, U.S. researcher say. Lead author Kelly Musick of Cornell University says when their parents argue, teens are significantly more likely than other teens to binge drink and tend to smoke, and their poor school grades are similar to those of their peers who don't have both biological parents at home. Musick and co-author Ann Meier of the University of...

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