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2006-12-07 12:00:10

By Alicia Chang THE ASSOCIATED PRESS For decades, scientists have scoured Mars in search of water, a basic ingredient for primitive life. But the best clues were always tied to the ancient past when the Red Planet was warmer and wetter. On Wednesday, scientists made the startling announcement that water may still course through the frigid surface. Crisp photographs taken by NASA's old Mars Global Surveyor before it lost contact with Earth last month do not actually show flowing water....

2006-12-07 09:11:17

LOS ANGELES -- After decades of scouring images of Mars for signs of water, scientists believe they have found stunning evidence that water may even now be flowing through the Red Planet's frigid surface. The news excited scientists who hunt for extraterrestrial life. If the finding is confirmed, they say, all the ingredients favorable for life on Mars would be in place: liquid water and a stable heat source. "This is a squirting gun for water on Mars," said Kenneth Edgett, a scientist at San...

2006-12-06 18:01:08

By ALICIA CHANG LOS ANGELES - New photographs from space suggest that water occasionally flows on the frigid surface of Mars, raising the tantalizing possibility that the Red Planet is hospitable to life, scientists reported Wednesday. The new images, taken by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor before it lost contact with Earth, do not actually show flowing water. Rather, they show changes in craters that provide the strongest evidence yet that water coursed through them as recently as several...

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