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2010-12-13 14:54:23

Research presented at American Society of Cell Biology's 50th annual meeting in Philadelphia Long considered a freewheeling loner, the Trypanosoma brucei parasite responsible for African sleeping sickness has revealed a totally unexpected social side, opening a potential chink in the behavioral armor of this and other supposedly solitary human parasites, according to research presented at the American Society for Cell Biology's 50th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. "The concept of bacteria...

2008-12-01 16:45:00

UCLA study offers new clues for treatment of vertigo, hearing problemsA UCLA study shows for the first time how microscopic crystals form sound and gravity sensors inside the inner ear. Located at the ends of cilia "” tiny cellular hairs in the ear that move and transmit signals "” these crystals play an important role in detecting sound, maintaining balance and regulating movement.Dislodged ear crystals are to blame for the most common form of vertigo. Known as benign paroxysmal...

2006-03-02 16:29:24

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Bird flu could be incubating in areas around the world where no one is looking for it and U.S. agencies are struggling to help plug the gaps, agency heads told Congress on Thursday. But they said the spread of the H5N1 avian influenza virus was looking worse than ever and asked for sustained funding to build networks to watch for and respond to disease outbreaks. "Our current situation now is not a good situation....

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