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2008-05-27 14:32:55

The Kerry Blue Terrier or the Irish Blue Terrier is a working breed from Ireland. The breed was primarily developed for catching vermin, but eventually was used for herding cattle and sheep as well as for a guard dog. The breed is also often used for deep-water hunting as it is an excellent swimmer. The exact origins of the breed are not known, but it was first observed in the Country Kerry mountains in Ireland. The breed was standardized by the early 1900s. The Kerry Blue Terrier stands...

2008-05-06 22:39:56

The Bedlington Terrier is a sheep-like dog well suited for agility. It is a terrier breed named after a mining town in Northeast England. Its fur has a wooly texture and usually a pale blue, sandy or liver color; it has been described as looking like a "˜lamb on a leash'. The original Bedlington was an underground rodent hunter, and the breed might have played a part in the early development of the Kerry Blue Terrier. The head of the Bedlington Terrier is wedge-shaped, and its body shape...

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