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2012-02-28 11:37:53

A group of scientists from across the world have come together in a just-published study that provides new insights into how fructose causes obesity and metabolic syndrome, more commonly known as diabetes.

Studies Indicate Fructose Not Responsible For Weight Gain
2012-02-21 09:14:33

According to a new study released this week, people who consumed a bit of extra fructose baked into breads or sprinkled into drinks did not gain additional weight compared to those who had other types of carbohydrates instead as long as they ate the same number of total calories.

2011-02-24 17:32:23

A recent study accepted for publication in Endocrinology, a publication of The Endocrine Society, reports for the first time that maternal fructose intake during pregnancy results in sex-specific changes in fetal and neonatal endocrinology.

2009-07-22 10:07:24

Diets high in fructose -- a type of sugar found in processed foods and beverages -- impaired the spatial memory of adult rats, U.S. researchers said.

2009-03-04 11:21:05

A U.S. study in mice sheds light on the insulin resistance that can come from diets loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, researchers said.

2009-02-13 18:35:00

Obese people who consume fructose-sweetened drinks with meals have an increased rise of triglycerides -- a predictor of heart disease, U.S. researchers said. Lead author Karen L.

2005-07-29 14:50:48

A University of Cincinnati (UC) study provides new evidence that drinking large amounts of beverages containing fructose adds body fat, and might explain why sweetening with fructose could be even worse than using other sweeteners.

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