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2009-08-20 06:25:00

Scientists have discovered a small strip of land found frozen in time in petrified mud where a pterosaur once landed in search for food 140 million years ago. When the ancient reptile touched down, its feet pressed into soft mud leaving behind prints that fossilized and have now been identified.  After examining the preserved footprints, scientists determined that the pterosaur stalled in the air shortly before touching down, a technique also used by many modern birds. Scratch marks left...

2008-01-15 14:30:20

Medullary tissue lines the bones of modern birds for only a few weeks when they are producing eggs. That same tissue has recently been found in three dinosaur fossils. These dinosaurs, an Allosaurus, Tenontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, were aged 8, 10, and 18. This revelation shines some light on the sexuality of dinosaurs, with reproductive maturity being earlier than researchers previously believed. Sarah Werning and Andrew Lee, graduate students at the University of California, Berkely, when...

2007-06-13 09:10:00

BERKELEY -- The peculiar pose of many fossilized dinosaurs, with wide-open mouth, head thrown back and recurved tail, likely resulted from the agonized death throes typical of brain damage and asphyxiation, according to two paleontologists. A classic example of the posture, which has puzzled paleontologists for ages, is the 150 million-year-old Archaeopteryx, the first-known example of a feathered dinosaur and the proposed link between dinosaurs and present-day birds. "Virtually all...

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