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2009-09-21 10:45:00

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Group of 20 nations should set a path for economic growth that balances developed and emerging economies. The G20 nations should seek a new, sustainable growth model for the future, that helps correct massive financial imbalances, between export-based, manufacturing nations, like China, and import-based, consumer-oriented economies like the United States, Rudd said. Otherwise we may be looking at the prospect of flat global growth for a while to come,...

2009-08-05 13:20:00

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Wednesday that striking a new global deal to reduce the impact of climate change is crucial to the future of vulnerable Pacific island nations, AFP reported. Climate change has emerged as a key issue at the opening of the Pacific Islands Forum summit of regional leaders in the northeastern Australian city of Cairns. The two days of talks will also see leaders from Australia, New Zealand and 13 Pacific Island nations discussing Fiji and the impact of...

2009-07-15 14:25:00

Al Gore met with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday to discuss the future of the nation's role in the charge against global warming. Gore placed specific emphasis on Australia as a potential breeding ground for many revolutionary efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. "Australia is in the line of fire where the climate crisis is concerned, no nation is more vulnerable to the impact scientists have predicted," Gore said in a press conference where he was joined by the Prime...

2009-06-29 17:01:57

Comedy movie star Sasha Baron Cohen, in character as gay Austrian fashionista Bruno, said Monday that Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is uber-cute. Before attending the Australian premiere of his new movie Bruno, the British comedian held forth in character at a Sydney news conference where he told The Australian, I've just had breakfast in bed with Kevin Rudd. That guy is like uber-cute. I thought Obama was the hottest guy in the world until I met Kevin. Amazing. Asked to explain...

2009-04-07 11:14:18

Australia on Tuesday announced it would build a $31 billion dollar broadband network itself rather than contract the deal. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said a new government company would be responsible for building the network, but it would receive support from the private sector. Rudd said the nation's current network is slowing down business and hurting the local economy. He likened the new massive Web infrastructure plan to the birth of electricity in the 20th century. "Just as railway...

2008-12-15 12:13:46

Australia drew scrutiny on Monday following an announcement that it would cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 5 to 15 percent by 2020. Critics of the new plan say it undermines the effort to reach a global agreement for carbon output levels. The Green Party referred to the new proposals as "a global embarrassment." Also, Australia plans to implement a carbon trading scheme by 2010, that will cover 75 percent of emissions and include 1,000 of the country's biggest firms, but will initially...

2008-10-17 09:30:00

World leaders must confront the danger of the global climate change in spite of the state "of the global financial crisis," Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Friday. Rudd supported the majority opinion that aggressive tactics must be taken towards the problems caused by greenhouse gas emissions, regardless of halting world economies. Before meeting with Australian business leaders in Sydney, Rudd said that the economic troubles made it "tougher for dealing with what is already a...

2008-09-22 09:00:41

Australian PM commits millions of dollars on clean coal institute CANBERRA, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday committed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a global clean coal institute and has told industry it must do more to help develop the technology. The government will spend 100 million Australian dollars (80 million U.S. dollars) into establishing the institute for carbon capture and storage and up to 100 million Australian dollars...

2008-08-19 15:03:28

On Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd urged the United States to take more action on climate change and become more involved in the global debate on the issue. With the U.S. being the only developed nation not to sign the greenhouse gas-controlling Kyoto Protocol, America's stance on climate change has made it easier for major developing countries to avoid acting, Rudd told the Australia-New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference in the northern city of Auckland. Rudd said...

2008-07-17 03:00:08

Pope Benedict XVI Thursday called the Australian government courageous for apologizing for past injustices suffered by the nation's indigenous peoples. The leader of the world's Roman Catholics, who is in Australia for the World Youth Day celebration, said the courageous decision by the government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to apologize would help bring indigenous and non-indigenous Australians closer together, The Australian reported. This example of reconciliation offers hope to...

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