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2010-10-26 09:26:14

The controversy surrounding Google's Street View mapping program continued on Monday, as privacy officials in Italy announced that they would enforce restrictions on the service. "There has been strong alarm and also hostility in a lot of European countries against Google taking photos. We have received protests even from local administrations," Privacy Authority President Francesco Pizzetti told Italian newspaper La Stampa, according to Reuters. In response to those privacy concerns, Pizetti...

2010-10-22 11:41:59

China has unveiled its own version of an online mapping service to compete with Google Earth's popular satellite mapping service. "Map World" was unveiled by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping on Thursday.  Google and China have been battling since last year, when a serious hacking attack prompted Google to ultimately withdraw its search service from the mainland. Google has not yet applied for a Web mapping license in China, but its mapping service is accessible from computers...

2010-10-21 10:40:27

With the German debut of Google's Street View service drawing nearer, the California-based technologies company reported on Thursday that less than 3% of households in the European country have asked that their homes not be visible on the mapping program. Street View, which is currently available for users in nearly two dozen countries worldwide, is "close to launching" in the 20 biggest cities in Germany, national product manager Andreas Tuerk wrote in an October 21 post on Google's European...

2010-10-17 23:30:00

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- In his first book, "DECODED," pop culture icon JAY-Z describes the hidden meanings behind some of his most provocative songs and provides a highly personal narrative of the culture that so powerfully shaped his life and art. But some stories are bigger than the printed page. Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft Corp., is launching a multiplatform search experience and interactive game to help people decode JAY-Z's life and lyrics. JAY-Z's words...

2010-09-15 07:51:28

Google Inc has been barred from collecting new images in the Czech Republic to update its Street View feature, a spokesperson said Tuesday, becoming the latest setback in the search giant's mapping service. Google has sent its Street View cars around the world capturing images to be used with the search company's maps to give panoramic views of streets, but the service is facing sharp scrutiny from a number of US states and several other countries. The Czech Office for Personal Data...

2010-09-13 08:30:00

RICHMOND, VA., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Third Circuit Court of Appeals' inability to make a clear-cut decision in a privacy case involving the location data of telecommunications customers points to the murkiness of the emerging privacy, liability and national-security concerns linked to geo-location devices and applications, said LeClairRyan's Kevin D. Pomfret, an attorney whose practice focuses on the rapidly developing fields of spatial law and technology. "Forward-looking...

2010-08-09 13:31:00

Is Internet Giant's Technology Being Used to Spy On Americans? WASHINGTON, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The FBI and DEA are now making extensive use of Google Earth, according to federal spending records. Consumer Watchdog is filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the agencies today to determine how the Internet giant's digital mapping technology is being used for domestic surveillance, including whether it is used for racial profiling or other abuses of civil liberties....

2010-07-22 10:00:00

A coalition of 37 state attorney generals, led by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, is pressuring officials at Google to release the names of engineers responsible for code that obtained personal information through unsecured wi-fi networks, according to recent media reports. At issue is Google's use of "Street View" cars, which have been touring various locations spanning the globe in order to take pictures and confirm locations for the Mountain View, California company's...

2010-07-10 07:48:23

After much controversy surrounding the collection of private information by Internet search giant Google, the company announced it will return its "Street View" cars back to the road next week, but all wireless scanning equipment has been removed. Google's vice president of engineering, Brian McClendon stated in a blog post that the camera-equipped cars will begin operating again in four countries next week and in others later. "Having spoken to the relevant regulators, we have decided to...

2010-06-28 12:55:00

The Earth floats delicately in space, sunlight illuminating the fluid mottling of white clouds suspended over its surface. The scene, the leading sequence in a recent NASA video about ship pollution and clouds, shows our planet from a perspective only a satellite or spacecraft could provide. However, no camera captured that image of the Earth. The reason? It's not one image. Instead, the single cloud-scattered globe is a mosaic of 298 smaller images of close-up areas of our planet...

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  • To make a rushing, whistling, or sighing sound; emit a hollow murmur; murmur or sigh like the wind.
  • To breathe in or as in sleep.
  • To utter in a whining or monotonous tone.
According to the OED, from the 16th century, this word is 'almost exclusively Scots and northern dialect until adopted in general literary use in the 19th.'