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Google Aims To Help Veterans Find Jobs
2011-11-14 10:29:13

Google Inc. is launching a new series of tools to help America´s unemployed veterans find jobs easier, according to a Google+ blog posting by the company´s Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond. “There are almost 22 million military veterans in the United States today and millions more around the world,” said Drummond, announcing the new Google for Veterans and Families website and also a Veteran´s Channel on YouTube. The service, launched on Veteran´s Day,...

Google Charging Some Users For Its Map Service
2011-11-02 12:10:09

Google announced on October 26 that it will start charging users in the future for heavy usage of its Google Maps service. The company said it will start charging users early in 2012 when over 25,000 map "hits" are made a day on the service. Websites like travel firms use Google Maps to link customers to view destinations, and Google plans to cash in on these companies' usage. The company said that the new service charge will only affect 0.35 percent of its users. "We understand...

2011-10-29 07:28:52

Google has launched a "pilot project" that will allow users of its Street View service to take a peek inside shops and other businesses from the comfort of their own homes, various media outlets reported on Friday. The Menlo Park, California-based company told BBC News that participation in the new service was voluntary, and that only select locations, including London, Paris, and cities in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., were eligible to take part in the test marketing....

Google Earth Reaches One Billion Downloads
2011-10-06 04:58:54

Google has reach a major milestone with its Google Earth software, achievin a billion downloads since its debut in 2005. This number includes downloads of the mobile apps, web browser plug-in, and desktop client. Google believes, however, that Google Earth is highly underutilized. According to Peter Birch, product manager for Google Earth, most users think of it as a novelty to “fly” to their house, the Huffington Post reports. Birch said, “They don´t have much of a...

Image 1 - Helicopter View Feature for Google Maps Unveiled
2011-10-03 05:26:38

Over this past weekend, Google Maps rolled out a new, 3D bird's-eye view which allows users of the navigation service to explore as if they were traveling in a virtual helicopter, various media outlets reported on Sunday. According to Simon Tomlinson of the Daily Mail, "The new feature gives you a moving aerial perspective of your route when you enter start and end destinations in Google Maps“¦ The journey is automatically followed, although you can pause it anywhere in the 3D...

Business Closings On Google Places Not Always Correct
2011-09-07 04:53:16

  Google Places, the online leviathan´s version of the yellow pages, allows users to find businesses locally using devices such as smartphones. A Google Places listing contains the business' address, a description of the business provided by the owner, and links to photos, reviews and Google Maps. Another feature is the ability to report problems with the business, and one of the options is to report the business with choices such as “this place is permanently...

2011-08-20 15:29:35

Google has begun the process of mapping the Amazon rainforest for its Street View service, according to various media reports on Thursday and Friday. According to Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor for the Telegraph, the Menlo Park, California-based tech company has partnered with the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS) to secure footage of the endangered rainforest. "The team deployed to map the area by the technology giant have been traveling by boat and bike, armed with...

2011-08-13 00:00:32

CyberCity 3D, Inc.â“ž¢ is now featuring its models on the new Google Mapsâ“ž¢ for mobile with 3D buildings. Currently published cities contributed by CyberCity 3D include Paris, France and Pasadena, CA -- with more coming. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2011 CyberCity 3D, Inc.â“ž¢, one of the largest 3D building partner contributors to Google Earthâ“ž¢, is now featuring...

2011-04-22 00:00:27

Earth Knowledge, a leading information technology firm, today unveiled its new Earth Knowledge Portal using its proprietary WISSDOMâ“ž¢ (World Information Systems Socially Delivered via Online Media) technology (http://www.earthknowledge.com), which provides access to expert earth and world information for businesses and organizations that need it. Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) April 21, 2011 Earth Knowledge, a leading information technology firm, today unveiled its new...

Word of the Day
  • A large punch-bowl of the eighteenth century, usually of silver and with a movable rim, and decorated with flutings and a scalloped edge. It was also used for cooling and carrying wine-glasses.
  • A kind of cotton handkerchief having white spots on a colored ground, the spots being produced by a chemical which discharges the color.
This word is possibly named after Monteith (Monteigh), 'an eccentric 17th-century Scotsman who wore a cloak scalloped at the hem.'