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Apple Among Top Searches On Google's Zeitgeist List
2011-12-16 05:16:41

Google released its annual Zeitgeist feature for 2011 - which includes the year's 10 fastest-rising global searches on the Internet - and Apple-related news made three of the top 10 spots.

New Google Maps Offers Building Directories
2011-11-30 13:00:02

Google's new updated maps app for its Android operating system enables users to view the insides of a building, such as an airport or a department store.

Google Earth Reveals Mysterious Structures In China Desert
2011-11-15 11:02:35

Satellites have picked up strange, unidentified structures in the middle of the vast, barren Gobi Desert, leaving many to question what China might be building in the region it mainly uses for its military, space and nuclear programs.

Google Aims To Help Veterans Find Jobs
2011-11-14 10:29:13

Google Inc. is launching a new series of tools to help America’s unemployed veterans find jobs easier, according to a Google+ blog posting by the company’s Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond.

Google Charging Some Users For Its Map Service
2011-11-02 12:10:09

Google announced on October 26 that it will start charging users in the future for heavy usage of its Google Maps service.

2011-10-29 07:28:52

Google has launched a "pilot project" that will allow users of its Street View service to take a peek inside shops and other businesses.

Google Earth Reaches One Billion Downloads
2011-10-06 04:58:54

Google has reach a major milestone with its Google Earth software, achievin a billion downloads since its debut in 2005. This number includes downloads of the mobile apps, web browser plug-in, and desktop client.

Image 1 - Helicopter View Feature for Google Maps Unveiled
2011-10-03 05:26:38

Over this past weekend, Google Maps rolled out a new, 3D bird's-eye view which allows users of the navigation service to explore as if they were traveling in a virtual helicopter.

Business Closings On Google Places Not Always Correct
2011-09-07 04:53:16

Some search engine consultants are reporting that unscrupulous competitors may be intentionally “closing” their competition on Google Places

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