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Google Charging Some Users For Its Map Service
2011-11-02 12:10:09

Google announced on October 26 that it will start charging users in the future for heavy usage of its Google Maps service.

2011-10-29 07:28:52

Google has launched a "pilot project" that will allow users of its Street View service to take a peek inside shops and other businesses.

Google Earth Reaches One Billion Downloads
2011-10-06 04:58:54

Google has reach a major milestone with its Google Earth software, achievin a billion downloads since its debut in 2005. This number includes downloads of the mobile apps, web browser plug-in, and desktop client.

Image 1 - Helicopter View Feature for Google Maps Unveiled
2011-10-03 05:26:38

Over this past weekend, Google Maps rolled out a new, 3D bird's-eye view which allows users of the navigation service to explore as if they were traveling in a virtual helicopter.

Business Closings On Google Places Not Always Correct
2011-09-07 04:53:16

Some search engine consultants are reporting that unscrupulous competitors may be intentionally “closing” their competition on Google Places

2011-08-20 15:29:35

Google has begun the process of mapping the Amazon rainforest for its Street View service.

2011-08-13 00:00:32

CyberCity 3D, Inc.â„¢ is now featuring its models on the new Google Mapsâ„¢ for mobile with 3D buildings.

2011-04-22 00:00:27

Earth Knowledge, a leading information technology firm, today unveiled its new Earth Knowledge Portal using its proprietary WISSDOMâ„¢ (World Information Systems Socially Delivered via Online Media) technology (http://www.earthknowledge.com), which provides access to expert earth and world information for businesses and organizations that need it. Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) April 21, 2011 Earth Knowledge, a leading information technology firm, today unveiled its new Earth Knowledge Portal using...

2011-04-19 13:15:00

On Tuesday, Google started to allow users to add more details to its US maps through an editing tool that already has been used to create and refine maps in other countries.

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