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2007-04-03 09:00:10

By Duffin, Christopher John Abstract The folklore associated with fish otoliths is traced from classical times to the present day for the first time. Otolithomancy involved divination of maritime weather conditions by consulting the properties and morphology of the "stones." In folk medicine, they were employed in the treatment of renal problems, malarial fever, nose bleeds, jaundice, pain, and swellings in the groin. They were also believed to act as aphrodisiacs. Modern applications...

2006-06-28 07:51:08

Exercise in chamber that simulates gravity may prevent stone formation As the space shuttle Discovery prepares to launch on July 1, researchers at the University of Minnesota have identified a way for astronauts to reduce their risk of developing kidney stones while in space. Astronauts lose calcium in their bones and strength in their muscles while in space because of the zero-gravity environment. This calcium can end up in their kidneys, putting them at risk for developing kidney stones....

2006-04-11 14:20:00

NEW YORK -- Shock-wave lithotripsy (SWL), a noninvasive technique that uses sound waves to sonically disintegrate stones within the urinary track, appears to increase the risk of diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure), suggests a long-term follow-up study. "This is a completely new finding," lead author Dr. Amy Krambeck, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said in a statement. "We can't say with 100 percent certainty that the shock wave treatment for the kidney stones...

2006-03-06 08:25:00

By Chris Buckley LIPING, China -- Wu Hanhui grimaced in agony as he waited for packets of herbs and pills from a streetside doctor. A kidney stone had tormented him for a week, and already much of last year's earnings from his small farm was lost to useless tests and drugs at a small hospital. Wu had traveled from his village to a primitive private clinic in Liping in southwest China's poor, mountainous Guizhou province, hoping to find a more affordable herbal cure. The big county hospital...

2006-02-15 17:30:00

By Gene Emery BOSTON (Reuters) - If you're an older woman who pops calcium and vitamin D supplements, you may boost your protection against hip fractures but you also raise the risk of kidney stones, a study showed on Wednesday. The study also showed no link between taking the supplements and the incidence of colon cancer. Officially, the study of 36,282 women taking the supplements after menopause concluded that the treatment did not prevent broken bones of any kind. That was based on...

2005-08-30 09:17:38

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Overweight women who have kidney stones have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension), according to a new report in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. A similar, but much weaker association, was seen among men. Previous reports have tied kidney stones to elevated blood pressure, but the impact of gender and weight on this association was unclear. To investigate, Dr. Daniel L. Gillen, from the University of California at...

2005-08-26 14:10:00

NEW YORK -- After a stroke, some patients develop muscle spasm in their hand and wrist. A small study now indicates that the condition can be relieved with focused shock wave therapy, and the benefits may persist for at least 12 weeks after treatment. Shock wave therapy is commonly used to break up kidney stones, and it has also proven useful in the treatment of various bone and tendon diseases, but there's not much known about its use for abnormal muscle tension, or "hypertonia," Italian...

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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
2013-03-04 16:24:04

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is the noninvasive treatment of kidney stones, stones in the gallbladder as well as calcium build ups in the liver using acoustic pulses. Procedure A lithotriptor breaks up the calcium stones without damage being done to the patient through the use of high-intensity, externally-applied, focused acoustic pulses. By laying the patient down on their back and placing a water-filled coupling device under the back at the level of the kidneys, the...

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