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2010-01-13 14:00:00

BOSTON, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- KIEFER SUTHERLAND: Living Dangerously (Transit Publishing; $25.00; January 11, 2010) by celebrity biographer CHRISTOPHER HEARD is an in-depth portrait of Kiefer Sutherland, the man and the actor. The book details how Sutherland's personality and life experiences have added up to make him the perfect Jack Bauer, a man of extremes, on the long-running action-drama-espionage TV series 24. This brand-new biography follows Sutherland from the highs of his major...

2009-05-22 22:10:00

Actor Kiefer Sutherland, who was arrested for allegedly hitting Jack McCollough in New York about two weeks ago, has apologized to the fashion designer. E! News reported McCollough has subsequently accepted the 24 star's mea culpa. I am sorry about what happened that night and sincerely regret that Mr. McCollough was injured, Sutherland said in a joint statement with the designer. I appreciate Mr. Sutherland's statement and wish him well, McCollough responded. Sutherland, who was charged...

2009-05-11 17:35:00

Kiefer Sutherland's attorney says the actor was not an instigator or a wrongdoer in a recent alleged altercation in New York in which he faces charges. The 24 star was charged last week with misdemeanor assault after Proenza Schouler co-designer Jack McCollough reportedly accused Sutherland of head-butting him at a Manhattan nightclub after the pair exchanged words May 4. We are troubled by the untruthful and self-serving information circulating regarding Kiefer Sutherland and events of last...

2009-05-07 21:20:00

Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland has been charged with misdemeanor assault in connection with an alleged altercation in Manhattan. Fashion designer Jack McCollough reportedly has accused Sutherland, the star of the popular TV series 24, of head-butting him after a verbal altercation. The incident allegedly happened early Tuesday morning in a Manhattan nightclub. Published reports said Sutherland lost his temper when McCollough collided with actress Brooke Shields and failed to apologize....

2009-05-07 14:20:40

Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland is expected to turn himself in to New York City prosecutors in connection with an alleged altercation in Manhattan. Police told New York 1 that fashion designer Jack McCollough has accused Sutherland, the star of the popular TV series 24, of heat-butting him after a verbal altercation. The incident allegedly happened early Tuesday morning in a Manhattan nightclub. New York 1 reported on its Web site that Sutherland is expected to be charged with third-degree...

2009-04-02 21:02:00

British-born Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland says the upcoming season finale for his show, 24, will be a powerful, important ending. The most I can tell you about it is that it is not going to end because someone cuts two wires and the clock on the bomb stops, Sutherland told reporters in Los Angeles recently, when pressed to reveal details about his TV suspense drama, Sutherland was meeting with entertainment reporters to promote his new movie, Monsters vs. Aliens. It is going to end...

2009-01-11 11:38:10

Howard Gordon, executive producer of the popular U.S. TV series 24, says the show could be off the air after two more seasons. Gordon said the seventh season of 24 that kicks off Sunday has been the most difficult to make, leading to speculation that the Fox series may call it quits after an anticipated eighth season, Newsday reported. I take it one hour at a time. The important thing is to find the right end to the show. Kiefer feels this way (too) and it's entirely possible the eighth year...

2008-10-10 18:00:22

By Alison Jones There is no question that Kiefer Sutherland can play 'hard'. Think back to his early teen roles when he was a genuine unsettling presence as the leader of the gang threatening River Phoenix and his friends in Stand by Me, or the vampire who took his style cues from Billy Idol in The Lost Boys. More recently, he has single-handedly averted nuclear wars with his hardness as Jack Bauer in 24. But when it comes to watching horror films the actor admits he is not so tough....

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