Latest Kingston, Massachusetts Stories

2008-09-18 09:00:22

By JENNIFER SANTOS PLYMOUTH Long before it was cool to be green, students from Sacred Heart High School in Kingston were doing their part for the environment. The tradition began in 1989 when two students formed Globally Responsible Environmentally Aware Network, or GREAN. And it continued this weekend as about 60 students gave up their Saturday to clean the shoreline of Long Beach. Cigarette butts, plastic straws and lids were among the most common items found on the beach. "It's...

2008-09-18 09:00:00

By EDWARD B. COLBY Kingston A new nonprofit has ambitious plans to raise $90,000 to buy 144 new computers for Kingston's K-6 schools. The Kingston Education Foundation, formed in July, is focused short-term on filling a pressing need at Kingston Elementary School and Kingston Intermediate School. Excluding computers older than five years and those inaccessible to students, the schools have a ratio of 36 children per computer - far above state technology guidelines, which recommend fewer...

2008-08-01 18:00:15

By EDWARD B. COLBY WORKING TOGETHER AND HAVING FUN KINGSTON Kingston youngsters Andrew Burke, Desmond Core, Michael Donovan and Joe Manning spent a good chunk of time cooperatively constructing their massive entry in a sand castle contest at Gray's Beach. When they were done, the foursome had built two dry moats ringed by bucket castles. One moat's castles were adorned by white flowers and green stalks, while the other featured big rocks and black, dried seaweed. The moats were...

2008-07-18 09:00:41

By EDWARD B. COLBY KINGSTON - Local environmental groups plan to sue federal and state regulators and the city of Brockton, alleging violations of the federal Clean Water Act and mismanagement of water resources in Southeastern Massachusetts. The alleged mismanagement covers two watersheds in the region, but the effects on the Jones River fish population alone are powerful, the groups say. The herring that spawn in the river are "on the verge of disappearing, and it's in large part that...

2007-08-09 09:02:39

By JULIE JETTE KINGSTON - A Kingston Intermediate School teacher fired last year after accusations she improperly helped students taking the MCAS exam has returned to work in the Silver Lake Regional School District. Under a settlement between the Kingston Teachers Association and the district, veteran teacher Lisa Desharnais was returned to the district's payroll July 23. She will not receive back pay as part of the settlement, but will not lose seniority or other benefits as a result of...

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