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2008-12-11 17:04:42

A group of five endemic and recently extinct Hawaiian songbird species were historically classified as "honeyeaters" due to striking similarities to birds of the same name in Australia and neighboring islands in the South Pacific. Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution, however, have recently discovered that the Hawaiian birds, commonly known as the oo's and the kioea, share no close relationship with the other honeyeaters and in fact represent a new and distinct family of birds "”...

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2008-11-29 21:31:47

The Kioea (Chaetoptila angustipluma), is a species of Hawaiian Honey-eater that became extinct around 1859. It was in danger of extinction even before the discovery of Hawaii by Europeans. Even the native people are mostly unfamiliar with this species. This bird was not utilized for its feathers, nor was it used in legends or chants of the native people. Four specimens do exist in museums, however it is unknown what led to its extinction. The Kioea was a 13 inch long bird with a long,...

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