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2012-01-17 10:13:47

Researchers in Finland found that annual cumulative incidences of partial and total knee arthroplasty, commonly known as knee replacement surgery, rose rapidly over a 27-year period among 30 to 59 year-olds in that country, with the greatest increase occurring in patients aged 50 to 59 years.

2011-11-05 23:30:00

Based on current trends, nearly 6.5 million Americans between the ages of 35 and 84 are expected to be diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis in the next 10 years, according to research presented

2011-07-14 13:20:36

A new study by researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery has identified patients who are at a higher risk of morbidity and mortality when undergoing knee replacement surgery in both legs at the same time.

2011-03-09 11:14:00

ST. LOUIS, March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move designed to help control health care costs while still maintaining a high quality of care, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri has collaborated with SSM Health Care-St.

2011-02-17 13:05:03

Replacing both knees in one surgery, or simultaneous total knee replacement (TKR) was associated with significantly fewer prosthetic joint infections as well as other revision knee operations within one year after surgery, compared with total knee replacements performed in two separate procedures.

2010-07-09 13:47:00

NEW YORK, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- While most knee replacements will function well for years, patients should be aware of the signs of failure--including increased pain or decreased function--that may require a corrective procedure known as revision total knee replacement, if necessary. "A failed knee implant is usually caused by wear and tear with subsequent loosening of the implant.

2010-04-22 09:43:00

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As evidence of its drive to return knee pain sufferers to a lifetime of physical activity, Smith & Nephew (NYSE: SNN, LSE: SN) Orthopaedics Division today announces the results of unprecedented testing on its VERILAST technology for knee replacement implants.

2010-03-14 11:06:05

A research team led by Mayo Clinic has found a national trend toward younger, more diverse patients having total knee replacement surgery.

2009-02-20 10:07:30

A new study released today found blacks remain less likely than whites to undergo total knee replacement, an important intervention for reducing pain and improving physical function among those with disabling knee osteoarthritis.