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2015-01-21 10:25:49

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Koalas Select Leaves With More Nitrogen, Fewer Toxins
2014-12-08 03:11:38

Koala population distribution may be influenced by eucalyptus leaf toxin and nutrient content, especially in areas with low-quality food options

‘Citizen Scientists’ Pitching In To Help Save Our Koalas
2014-07-29 03:36:46

Australian citizens are pitching in to help save the koala, one of our most iconic and vulnerable species, environmental scientists say.

Cool Tree Trunks Help Koala Bears Beat The Heat
2014-06-04 09:10:16

Using thermal imaging technology, study researchers observed koalas hugging tree branches and trunks on French Island, situated just east of Melbourne, Australia. While the animals can pant and lick their fur to stay cool, these methods can lead to dehydration, the study team said.

2014-04-30 23:21:49

U koala Bag, the designer bag named after and inspired by the Koala Bear, announced today that they are celebrating their one year anniversary. Charlotte, NC

2014-01-15 23:29:30

The leading safe-search engine for kids (KidzSearch.com) analyzed millions of searches made in grammar and middle schools during the 2013 school year.

Koalas Have A Unique Organ That Allows Mating Calls Similar To Elephants
2013-12-03 04:59:44

Koalas have the appearance of a living teddy bear, inviting many of us to assume they are cute and placid. When mating season starts, however, the males produce a bellow that defies their size and cuteness.

2013-06-24 19:39:56

The performance of Australia’s mining industry in restoring the native landscape could one day be judged by ...koalas.

2013-05-03 23:17:12

The Koala Kare KB101, one of the most trusted baby changing stations on the market, can now be bought at Babystations.com for only $189.78.

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