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2009-02-12 14:53:01

A North Dakota animal control officer said calls about dogs are commonplace, but a report of a dog on the roof of a house was a first for him. Dick Schnell, an animal control officer with the Minot Police Department, said he responded to a call Tuesday about a dog that had apparently scaled the snow

2009-01-09 09:21:00


2008-12-08 15:05:00

Researchers at the University of Vienna, Austria, suggest that dogs have a sense of fairness and jealousy.

2008-12-05 15:51:48

An obese dog survived a night outside in Wisconsin because its fat provided insulation protecting it from temperatures so cold it was frozen to the pavement. Carey Payne, a manager at the Sheboygan County Humane Society shelter, said that she and other employees poured warm water on the animal to free it Thursday morning, The Sheboygan (Wis.) Press reported. The dog's owner faces charges of animal neglect.

2008-10-21 09:10:00

Canadian scientists said Monday that more than one third of all heart attacks worldwide are caused by “Western” diets containing high amounts of meat, salt and fried foods.

2008-10-15 09:00:23

Healthy Fast Food has announced that through U-Swirl International, its wholly owned subsidiary, it has acquired the worldwide rights to the U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt concept.

2008-10-14 09:00:45

Healthy Fast Food, Inc. (OTCBB:HFFI) (OTCBB:HFFIW) (OTCBB:HFFIZ), announced today that through U-SWIRL International, Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, it has acquired the worldwide rights to the U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt(SM) concept.

2008-10-04 18:00:11

By Jenny Longhurst WHEN Grace Kerrywas growing up in Nigeria, her main diet was made up of rice, yams, plantain, fish from the River Niger and the wild mangoes that fell off the trees.

2008-09-22 09:00:58

Healthy Fast Food, Inc. (OTCBB:HFFI) (OTCBB:HFFIW) (OTCBB:HFFIZ), announced today that it will acquire the worldwide rights to the U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt(SM) concept, with the intention of franchising the self-serve yogurt cafe into a national chain.

2008-07-18 00:25:00

A Beijing law has made it illegal to have dogs larger than 35 centimeters (1.1 foot) tall. Any dogs larger than that are subject to being put down by authorities.

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Sea Pineapple, Halocynthia roretzi
2014-01-12 00:00:00

The Sea Pineapple (Halocynthia roretzi) is an edible species of tunicate. It is known as the Meongge in Korea and the Hoya or Maboya in Japan. This creature lives in shallow water, usually attached to rocks and artificial substrate. It is adapted to cold water temperatures between 36 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but prefer temperatures close to 54 degrees F. This creature is known for both its peculiar appearance, described by journalist Nick Tosches as “something that could exist only in...

2007-01-21 19:39:25

The dog is a type of canid, a mammal in the order Carnivora. The term includes both wild (feral) and domestic variants, but commonly excludes other canids such as wolves. Over time, the dog has developed into hundreds of breeds with a great degree of variation. Intelligence Among dog lovers, dogs are generally valued for their intelligence. Both anecdotal evidence and scientific research suggest that dogs have a reasonably high intelligence. This intelligence is expressed...

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