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2006-07-09 03:37:21

By Richard Balmforth MOSCOW (Reuters) - It will be the high point of Vladimir Putin's rule and mark Russia's resurgence as a global player, but he will not expect a hearty slap on the back when he hosts Western leaders at a Group of Eight summit. Despite an unparalleled Kremlin charm offensive, including a televised question-and-answer marathon by Putin himself, Russia goes into the St Petersburg G8 summit on Saturday still the odd man out in the elite club of industrialized...

2006-06-06 07:27:51

By Christian Lowe MOSCOW (Reuters) - Irina Tarasenko owns an apartment in house No. 42 on Moscow's Bolshaya Ochakovskaya Street, but the nearest she can get to it is the children's playground 14 floors below. She paid $50,000 for her one-room property when the building was still on the drawing board. It was finished last year, but no one could move in because, it turned out, the developer had sold the same apartments to two or more buyers. "I still cannot believe it," said...

2006-05-04 10:21:53

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin on Thursday rejected as "completely incomprehensible" remarks by Vice President Dick Cheney that Russia was backsliding on democracy and using its vast energy supplies to bully its neighbors. "The speech of Mr. Cheney in our opinion is full of a subjective evaluation of us and of the processes that are going on in Russia. The remarks ... are completely incomprehensible for us," said Kremlin deputy spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Cheney, in remarks that could...

2006-01-31 10:57:40

By Christian Lowe MOSCOW (Reuters) - Dmitry Rogozin is suave, smooth-talking and, his opponents say, a racist. And he is winning over voters the Kremlin wants for itself. Rogozin's Rodina (Motherland) party began life three years ago as a Kremlin puppet designed to poach votes from other parties, but now it has turned on its former masters and is striking a chord with its mix of populist economics and anti-immigrant slogans. Many analysts say Motherland -- not the huge Communist...

2005-12-10 09:53:08

By Meg Clothier MOSCOW (Reuters) - A 24-hour, English-language, state-funded television channel went live from its Moscow studios on Saturday, designed to broadcast news from a Russian perspective around the globe. At 4 p.m. (1 p.m. British time) the countdown clock and swirling orange graphics melted away and the anchor welcomed viewers to Russia Today -- "from Russia to the world." The launch comes amid growing Western criticism of Moscow's attitude to democracy and the rule of...

2005-12-04 05:22:22

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Muscovites voted on Sunday in a city council election which polls show is likely to cement the Kremlin's control over the capital and Russian political life. United Russia, which pledges loyalty to President Vladimir Putin, is expected to take most of the 35 city council seats. A nationalist party, Rodina (Motherland), which opinion polls suggested had the most hope of denting United Russia's win, was banned from the race after a campaign advertisement that judges...

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