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2011-04-20 15:01:23

Prospects for recovery of lost vision have brightened with the release of new scientific findings showing that the use of gentle near infra-red light can reverse damage caused by exposure to bright light, up to a month after treatment. The Vision Centre's Dr Krisztina Valter and doctoral researcher Rizalyn Albarracin have successfully demonstrated recovery of vision cells in the retina following near infra-red treatment applied after damage was sustained. Their advance has raised hopes for...

2010-10-13 13:11:53

People whose vision is badly damaged by over-exposure to bright light may be able to restore their sight, scientists say. Australian researchers at The Vision Centre are working on a non-invasive method that involves shining near-infrared light (NIR) into damaged eyes to invoke a natural process which encourages the eye to heal itself. "The use of NIR in healing eyes stressed by bright light has now been established, in animals," says Dr Krisztina Valter, a Chief Investigator in the ARC...

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