Latest Kruger National Park Stories

2007-02-28 08:50:00

The environment minister proposed a package of measures Wednesday to slow rampant elephant population growth - including limited killing and contraception - but stressed there would be no mass slaughter.

2006-10-10 16:30:00

At Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, head veterinarian Mark Stetter demonstrates the 5-foot contraception tool for a procedure that he hopes will help control Africa's elephant population: vasectomies.

2006-02-16 09:45:00

The South African government has put on ice a controversial proposal to resume culling elephants from Kruger National Park where overcrowding is causing problems, a leading conservation scientist said.

2006-01-27 10:43:08

By Mateus Chale MAPUTO (Reuters) - U.S. Internet mogul Greg Carr has committed up to $40 million of his own cash to help rebuild a game park in Mozambique which he hopes to restock with animals from elsewhere in Africa.

2005-12-27 20:09:17

By Ed Stoddard DINOKENG, South Africa (Reuters) - Tembo was a killer who faced the death sentence for his "crimes." But the six-tonne bull elephant won a reprieve after a vet approached animal trainer Rory Hensman and asked him if he could mend Tembo's wild ways.

2005-12-28 00:05:00

Tembo was a killer who faced the death sentence for his "crimes."

2005-10-20 08:15:35

HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe is to remove 700 families who settled illegally near Gonarezhou National Park, the country's second largest game reserve, to make way for a planned transfrontier regional park.

2005-07-20 07:10:00

Experts questioned the wisdom of using culls to contain swelling populations of African elephants Wednesday, saying the science was dubious.

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