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2011-02-09 13:32:36

Long QT syndrome approximately affects one in every 2,500 people ­-mainly young people. It can cause torsade de pointes episodes, which can trigger sudden death. This study was conducted by researchers of the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves of the University of Granada. The genetic analyses were performed by the laboratory Lorgen in the Health Science Technology Park of Granada Researchers from the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves of the University of Granada have identified the...

2009-09-20 13:36:25

2 genes represent potential drug targets for both heart and endocrine disease Genes previously known to be essential to the coordinated, rhythmic electrical activity of cardiac muscle -- a healthy heartbeat -- have now also been found to play a key role in thyroid hormone (TH) biosynthesis, according to Weill Cornell Medical College researchers. The authors' findings, published online this week by the peer-reviewed journal Nature Medicine, suggest that mutations of either of two gene products...