Latest Kyoto Stories

2006-11-06 15:35:00

The chief U.S. climate negotiator on Monday defended Washington's stand against compulsory caps on global-warming emissions, and said the Bush administration was unlikely to change its policy.

2006-10-30 10:20:00

The industrialized world's emissions of greenhouse gases are growing again, despite efforts under the Kyoto Protocol to cap them and stave off global warming, the United Nations reported Monday.

2006-10-28 18:50:00

Delegates flying to Kenya next week for a global conference on climate are watching the turn of U.S. election seasons as much as the rise in temperatures in their effort to cool planetary warming.

2006-09-12 00:25:00

European and Asian leaders pledged Monday to keep cutting greenhouse gases after the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.

2006-08-31 07:45:00

Industrialized nations' emissions of greenhouse gases edged up to the highest level in more than a decade in 2004 despite curbs meant to fight global warming, data compiled by Reuters showed on Thursday.

2006-08-29 17:10:00

The World Bank put together on Tuesday the largest greenhouse gas deal ever, where European and Asian companies and others will pay two Chinese chemical companies $1.02 billion to reduce output of gases believed to cause global warming.

2006-08-15 17:57:02

By Timothy Gardner NEW YORK (Reuters) - Seven northeastern U.S. states said on Tuesday they had agreed on a model rule that would create the country's first market for heat-trapping carbon dioxide by curbing emissions at power plants.

2006-07-10 15:48:40

By Timothy Gardner NEW YORK (Reuters) - New Jersey's Meadowlands has become the latest U.S. region to buck the Bush administration by agreeing to greenhouse gas emissions goals outlined by an international pact on global warming.

2006-06-26 09:54:38

By Gerard Wynn LONDON (Reuters) - Washington cannot rule out joining any successor to the UN's Kyoto Protocol for curbing global warming beyond 2012, despite pulling out of the original treaty, the U.S. chief climate negotiator said on Monday. President George W.

2006-06-26 08:03:17

By Jeremy Lovell LONDON (Reuters) - The United States -- the world's richest and most polluting nation -- has a moral duty to take the lead in tackling catastrophic global warming, instead of denying it is happening, a leading scientist said on Monday.

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