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US Outbreak Of West Nile Virus Largest Ever
2012-08-23 07:55:40

A deadly outbreak of West Nile in the United States is the largest ever recorded, with 47 deaths and thousands people infected in at least 38 states, according to estimates from the CDC.

2009-08-18 06:03:32

An outbreak of Japanese encephalitis has killed dozens of people in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state since the beginning of this year, officials said. The deaths have mostly been reported in the eastern parts of India's largest state, the BBC reported. A senior health official told the BBC 640 people had been admitted to hospitals for the disease and of them 129 had died, a majority of them children.

2009-07-16 15:08:08

Travelers to Japanese encephalitis endemic countries should be advised of the risks of the disease and how to prevent it, U.S. health officials said.

2009-02-05 14:51:02

U.S. researchers have identified molecular interactions that govern the immune system's ability to defend the brain against West Nile virus.

2008-10-08 09:00:50

New Hampshire health officials say Eastern equine encephalitis has been found in mosquitoes captured in Manchester. The Manchester Health Department said mosquitoes collected Sept. 29 tested positive for the virus. Eastern equine encephalitis can cause high fever and a severe headache.

2008-08-19 12:01:01

The long-term prognosis of recovery from West Nile virus, a central nervous system infection spread by mosquitoes, is good, Canadian researchers said. Study author Dr.

2008-07-30 03:00:28

By Terry Rindfleisch, La Crosse Tribune, Wis. Jul. 30--GALESVILLE, Wis. -- A 6-year-old Galesville boy is the Coulee Region's first reported La Crosse encephalitis case this summer.

2008-07-25 12:01:20

By Cynthia Pegram, The News & Advance, Lynchburg, Va. Jul. 25--A case of La Crosse encephalitis, a mosquito-borne disease, was confirmed in the Central Shenandoah Health District, which is adjacent to parts of Amherst and Bedford counties.

2008-07-08 03:00:12

By Terry Rindfleisch, La Crosse Tribune, Wis. Jul. 8--Sexually transmitted diseases continue to be a public health concern in La Crosse County.

2006-09-05 10:25:00

More than a year after being diagnosed with a West Nile virus infection, nearly half of the patients have ongoing health issues including fatigue, memory problems, headache, depression and tremor, a new study shows.

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2011-02-23 21:04:53

St. Louis Encephalitis is a disease caused by the Culex mosquito borne St. Louis Encephalitis virus. It is related to Japanese encephalitis virus and is a member of the Flaviviridae subgroup. It mainly affects the United States and occasionally hits Canada and Mexico. The name goes back to 1933 within five weeks in autumn an encephalitis epidemic of explosive proportions broke out in the vicinity of St. Louis, Missouri. Over 1000 cases were reported and the National Institute of Health...

2011-01-11 12:50:11

Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE), also called sleeping sickness or Triple E, is a zoonotic alphavirus and arbovirus that exists in the Americas and the Caribbean. It was first seen in Massachusetts in 1831 when 75 horses died of encephalitic illness. It is often associated with coastal plains. EEE was first isolated from the brain of an infected horse in 1933. In 1938 the first human case was confirmed when thirty children died of encephalitis in northeaster United States...

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