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2014-04-02 23:24:21

Author Mary Joann Lang says that autism improvement calls for integrative education. La Palma, California (PRWEB) April 02, 2014 April is Autism Awareness Month, and the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cite 1 child in 68 affected by autism. This represents an astounding number of children. Now more than ever, innovative integrative education is needed to help children with autism reach their true potential. The trademark deficits of...

Exclusive Species More Prevalent On Higher Altitude Islands
2012-04-11 03:47:30

In the ecosystems of islands with high mountains, endemic animal and vegetation species are twice as isolated, making them even more exclusive. A European study with Spanish involvement confirms this, which adds the factor of altitude to wider biodiversity. Oceanic islands are born, they grow, they are eroded and they disappear beneath the sea. Throughout this process, which takes millions of years, the islands change form and therefore change their 'tenants'. The species adapt to the new...

Image 1 - 'Star Wars' Laser Gives new Insight Into Earth's Atmosphere
2011-11-29 13:41:59

[ Watch the Video ] With the need to understand global change one of today's most pressing scientific challenges, ESA is exploring novel techniques for future space missions. Firing laser pulses between satellites is promising a step up in tracking greenhouse gases. More renowned for their appeal as holiday destinations, the Spanish Canary Islands recently played host to an experiment that involved shooting laser beams from a peak on La Palma to Tenerife. Over the course of two...

Image 1 - Undersea Volcanic Eruptions Continue Near Canary Islands
2011-10-14 08:46:24

Two volcanic eruptions were confirmed on Wednesday near the Canary Islands, forcing at least 500 people to spend the night outside of their homes after precautionary evacuations were ordered by local authorities. These eruptions follow similar earth movement on Monday of the same week. “I confirm the existence of two points of volcanic eruption at El Hierro,” Laura Otero, a spokeswoman for the local authorities, told AFP. The first eruption occurred at a depth of 2,300...

2011-07-18 03:00:00

LONDON, July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- - A New Terminal has Opened at La Palma Airport, dealchecker.co.uk Says This Shows the Canary Islands' Dedication to Providing the Best for its Tourists - July saw the opening of the new terminal at La Palma Airport in the Canary Islands which is to double the capacity of passengers the airport is able to receive and offers the potential to open up more international routes to and from the island. dealchecker.co.uk...

2011-03-16 00:00:29

Billy Meier, Swiss UFO contactee with unparalleled record of prophetically accurate scientific information, also foretold increased mega-quakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and super storms; published warnings about mainly manmade causes of unnatural climate change and environmental disasters as early as 1951 Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 15, 2011 The increased danger now posed by radiation from earthquake damaged Japanese atomic power plants was specifically warned about by Swiss UFO...

2010-04-13 12:26:17

Scientists from the Canary Islands have compiled data on wild ferrets in La Palma and the damage they cause in the ecosystem, to confirm that the island is the one with the highest number of naturalized animals in the archipelago. The Canarian government permits rabbit hunting using ferrets, an ancient and common practice that has its disadvantages when the ferrets escape or are released into the wild. In the Canaries more than 20, 000 ferrets (Mustela furo) are kept in captivity, and the...

2009-12-20 10:10:03

A new object with an age of thousands of millions of years and a mass of  one tenth of the Sun, placing it at the frontier between low-mass stars and brown  dwarfs, has been discovered as the furthest of its class in Milky Way. Nicknamed ULAS1350, this subdwarf could become on of the key element to improve our knowledge on the first steps of the formation of our Galaxy. The team of European astronomers responsible for the discovery, composed  of members of the Instituto de...

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