Fish Are Smarter Than You Think

Fish Are Smarter Than You Think

Society for Experimental Biology It is popularly believed that fish have a memory span of only 30 seconds. Canadian scientists, however, have demonstrated that this is far from true – in fact, fish can remember context and associations up to...

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2007-03-28 14:57:31

The Electric yellow cichlid, Labidochromis caeruleus, is a freshwater perciform fish, a cichlid. It is also known as Lemon yellow lab, the Blue streak hap, the Electric yellow African, and is called the Yellow prince in the Philippines. It is endemic to the northern coastal region of Lake Malawi, especially the Lion's Cove & Nkhata Bay areas, in East Africa. It has become a popular commercial fish for aquarium enthusiasts. Their bodies are strikingly bright yellow, with males having dark...

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