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Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Breastfeeding
2012-04-27 09:02:48

Breastfeeding has suddenly become more popular, with celebrities like music star Beyoncé, musician Gwen Stefanie, and actress Maggie Gyllenhaal doing it openly. However, how does breastfeeding add up cost-wise?

2012-03-15 17:08:24

Advising women to breastfeed exclusively for six months may be "unhelpful" and far too idealistic, suggests a qualitative study of new mothers, their partners, and close relatives.

2012-02-07 23:13:37

Women who did not plan to get pregnant are much more likely to stop breastfeeding within three months of giving birth.

2010-11-10 06:35:00

A new study has found that women who breastfeed their newborns appear to get as much sleep as women who rely on bottles or a combination of both methods of feedings.

2009-06-15 09:54:06

Women with multiple sclerosis who exclusively breastfeed for at least two months after giving birth may be less likely to experience a relapse within a year of their baby's birth than new mothers with MS who opt to forgo breastfeeding in order to restart MS therapies, according to a new study.

2009-03-17 07:26:46

Women who breastfeed their children should wait on giving their baby their first pacifier, new research from Denmark suggests.

2008-08-20 09:00:22

A U.S. study suggests exclusive breastfeeding promotes greater weight loss than mixed feeding among mothers, even during the early postpartum period.

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