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2010-05-17 06:25:00

Lake Tanganyika, the second oldest and the second-deepest lake in the world, could be in for some rough waters.

2010-01-26 08:11:50

Putting function before form, members of the Perissodinus genus of fish have developed a hugely lopsided jaw that provides a distinct feeding advantage.

2005-12-05 12:52:23

By Guled Mohammed NAIROBI (Reuters) - A strong earthquake jolted Africa's Great Lakes region on Monday, killing at least one person in Congo's remote east and rattling regional capitals. The U.S.

2005-12-05 11:31:22

By Guled Mohammed NAIROBI (Reuters) - A strong earthquake shook East Africa on Monday in the Lake Tanganyika region killing people and damaging buildings at its center, early reports said. The U.S.

2005-12-05 09:30:00

A strong earthquake shook East Africa on Monday in the Lake Tanganyika region frightening people from Congo to Kenya but causing little damage, according to initial reports.

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2007-03-30 00:38:11

Variabilichromis is a monotypic genus of fish in the family Cichlidae which occurs in Lake Tanganyika, of the rift lakes in Eastern Africa. The single species, Variabilichromis moorii is a small ovate bodied fish named for an early collector of fish from the lake, J. Moore. Juveniles are lighter in coloration. V. moorii is primarily herbivorous, and may also feed on aquatic invertebrates. Its distribution is limited to the southern half of Lake Tanganyika.

2007-03-30 00:36:42

The Blunthead cichlid, Tropheus Moorii, is a species of African Cichlids found in Lake Tanganyika. There are over 40 different morphs of this species dispersed throughout the lake. The fish comes in many colors and patterns ranging from dark green to flame red and yellow. They are found in many rock formations in shallow water eating algae which comprises most of their diet. Tropheus are mouthbrooders, they fertilize, carry eggs and baby-sit young fry in the mouth of the female. They are...

2007-03-28 15:24:39

Neolamprologus multifasciatus (Boulenger, 1906) is one of the small shell-dwelling cichlids endemic to Lake Tanganyika. The male reaches 1.97 in (5 cm) in length and the female grows to 0.98 in (2.5 cm). This makes them one of the smallest cichlid species in the world. Its natural habitat is the Neothuma shell beds of Lake Tanganyika, where it forms huge colonies with thousands of individuals. This fish is a popular aquarium fish.

2007-03-28 14:52:42

Julidochromis is a genus of cichlid fish endemic to Lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa. It includes at least 5 species, each with a number of subspecies or races, further taxonomic work is required to determine how many species exist. The genus is one of several that comprise the tribe Lamprologini and is closely related to the genus Chalinochromis. Julidochromis species are secretive biparental substrate spawners, retreating to caves or rock crevices. Pairs are largely monogamous, though...

2007-03-26 18:37:30

Ectodus descampsii is a cichlid fish, the only member of its genus Ectodus. It is a small 4 in (10 cm) sand-sifting species endemic to Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. Photo by Dr. David Midgley

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