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2008-09-24 15:00:29

By DIANA MARRERO and DAN EGAN Washington -- The House gave final approval Tuesday to an interstate agreement designed to protect the water in the Great Lakes.

2008-09-24 09:00:41

UK-based energy group Centrica and French electricity major EDF have announced that they are in discussions in relation to an option for Centrica to acquire a 25% interest in Lake Acquisitions, which is wholly owned by EDF.

2008-09-22 12:15:00

Scientists are trying to determine why large algae blooms have largely returned to Lake Erie.

2008-09-17 03:00:16

Across what once was a 50-acre marine playground now stretches a startling vista more reminiscent of Arizona's Painted Desert than of the Blue Ridge Mountains. One small pool of water remains on the northwestern end of Mountain Lake's bed, far out of sight of the hotel that bears its name.

2008-09-16 21:00:16

By Russell Lissau rlissau@@dailyherald.com A manmade lake at one of Lake County's most popular forest preserves has developed a natural problem: erosion.

2008-09-11 03:00:13

By Tonia Moxley tonia.moxley@roanoke.com 381-1676 Across what once was a 50-acre marine playground now stretches a startling vista more reminiscent of Arizona's Painted Desert than of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

2008-09-10 09:00:23

By Associated Press SYRACUSE (AP) -- Despite a deep winter snowpack, Utah's Great Salt Lake is approaching its historical record low, leaving water experts scratching their heads.

2008-09-02 21:00:00

By Jerry Zremski A historic agreement among eight states is supposed to protect the waters of the Great Lakes from shipments to more parched parts of the country. But now some environmentalists worry that the lakes will lose their water anyway, one bottle at a time.

2008-08-22 18:00:25

By Dan Egan MILWAUKEE - It was a watershed moment for the Great Lakes. A seven-year push by the region's governors to build a legal dike around the world's largest freshwater system almost died in Madison in February.

2008-08-20 12:00:29

By OUT DOORS JIM MORRIS There is some good news about Grand Lake St. Marys. No, the water has not cleared up. It's still green with the consistency, in spots, of weak pea soup. While that's not good news, there's hope on the horizon.

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The Great Lakes And Their Impact On The Weather
2012-07-23 08:58:48

The Great lakes have a huge impact in the weather for the cities that are near the lakes. In the fall and early winter months the lakes can create intense snowfall events known as “Lake Effect Snow”. The reason that this occurs has to do with the water temps of the lakes and also the temps of the air that is moving across them. When an Alberta Clipper system forms in Canada and moves Southeastward towards the US, it brings that cold air and strong Northwest winds over the warmer waters....

2009-07-21 15:56:27

The snowbelt is a North American region that lies downwind of the Great lakes, where heavy snowfall is common on mostly the eastern and southern shores of the Great Lakes. Lake-effect snow is caused by cold air picking up moisture while crossing the lake and then releasing it as snow when the air cools over land. Throughout much of the winter, lakes produce lake-effect snow and continuously cloudy skies. This phenomenon continues as long as the air temperature is colder than the water...

2007-03-16 18:32:33

The Cui-ui, Chasmistes cujus, is a large sucker fish endemic to Pyramid Lake in northwestern Nevada. It feeds primarily on zooplankton and possibly on nanoplankton (such as algae and diatoms). The maximum size of male cui-ui is approximately 21 in (53 cm) and 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) while females reach approximately 25 in (64 cm) and 6 lb (2.7 kg). The life span of Cui-ui is typically about forty years, but the fish do not reach sexual maturity until at least age eight. The Cui-ui is not only a...

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