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2014-11-04 23:05:07

Fibras Andinas is now using Royal Llama, its fairly traded llama wool made in Chile, to make beanies.

New Medicines Developed For Llamas And Alpacas
2013-10-18 11:02:37

Researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vetmeduni Vienna) have developed an oral “paste” that can be mixed with drugs and used to treat camelids for a wide variety of diseases.

2011-02-02 09:00:00

NEWARK, N.J., Feb. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mayor Cory Booker, Buddhist author and scholar Robert Thurman and New Jersey-based philanthropist Drew Katz will announce today The Newark Peace Education Summit, a major three-day event, taking place in Newark, New Jersey from May 13-15, 2011.

2010-10-27 13:00:00

TORONTO, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ - The Bata Shoe Museum is very excited to announce the recent donation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's sandals to the Museum. Presented by Mr.

2009-07-11 12:21:30

Two llamas on the lam in Louisville, Ky., have been safely herded and returned to their home, their owner says. The llamas' owner, Dale Hill of the Louisville Llama Farm, surmised beer bottles found near the animals' barn indicated some party animals decided to free the beasts, which are raised for their wool, The (Louisville) Courier-Journal reported Saturday. Hill said the 10 female llamas escaped, but only two -- Felicity and Prism -- wandered off the property.

2008-06-30 09:00:14

China announced Sunday that it planned to resume talks with representatives of the Dalai Lama in early July, weeks before the start of the Olympic games. According to the official Xinhua news agency, the agreement to resume the talks followed a request from the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader.

2006-04-11 22:42:20

By Benjamin Kang Lim BEIJING (Reuters) - China hosts the World Buddhist Forum this week, its first international religious meeting since the Communists swept to power more than five decades ago.

2006-03-17 00:51:37

By Benjamin Kang Lim BEIJING (Reuters) - China is set to host its first major international forum on Buddhism since 1949 to complement President Hu Jintao's campaign to build a "harmonious society" and burnish China's tarnished image on religious freedom.

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Alpaca, Vicugna pacos
2012-10-27 17:12:26

The alpaca (Vicugna pacos) is a South American camelid that is similar in appearance to the llama. Its range includes the Andes Mountains, in areas of Ecuador, northern Bolivia and Chile, and southern Peru. It is a domesticated animal that is kept in herds in flat, grassy areas at altitudes of up to 16,000 feet. For many years there was confusion concerning the classification of the four species of South American lamoids, including the alpaca. Until 2001, it was accepted that this species...

Llama, Lama glama
2012-09-19 14:36:11

Llama, Lama glama The llama (Lama glama) is a domesticated camelid from South America. It is often used as a pack animal or for meat by Andean cultures. Its hair is used to make clothing and handicrafts. The course outer hair is typically used to make lead ropes, rugs, and wall hangings, and the fibers can come in many colors ranging from black to reddish brown to white. Because of transportation and trade of this species, there are now more than 158,000 llamas and 100,000 alpacas in...

2007-10-22 10:42:28

The vicuña (Vicugna vicugna), is a camelid species native to South America. They are most commonly found in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and northwest Argentina. Peru has the largest number. Bolivia has great number of wild vicuñas in the Southwestern side of the country. It lives in the high alpine regions of the Andes. Vicuñas live in the grass lands and plains in the mountain regions at an altitude of 4,000 to 5,500 meters (13000 to 18000 feet). The vicuña is considered more...

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