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2008-01-30 10:45:00

Aggression, testosterone and nepotism don’t necessarily help one climb the social ladder, but the support of a good female can, according to new research on the social habits of an unusual African species of fish.

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2007-03-28 14:58:47

Lamprologus is a genus of fishes from the family Cichlidae. The type species for this genus is Lamprologus congoensis a riverine cichlid from Eastern Africa. The genus is under some revision and may eventually be restricted to these riverine types. There are currently 19 species included in the genus.

2007-03-28 14:52:42

Julidochromis is a genus of cichlid fish endemic to Lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa. It includes at least 5 species, each with a number of subspecies or races, further taxonomic work is required to determine how many species exist. The genus is one of several that comprise the tribe Lamprologini and is closely related to the genus Chalinochromis. Julidochromis species are secretive biparental substrate spawners, retreating to caves or rock crevices. Pairs are largely monogamous, though...

2007-03-26 18:30:23

Chalinochromis is a genus of fish from the family Cichlidae. The fish are endemic to Lake Tanganyika in Eastern Africa's rift valley. The name refers the bridle-like markings across the heads of fish in this genus. Chalinochromis are popular aquarium fishes, and require similar care to Julidochromis species. Like most Lamprologine species, Chalinochromis are secretive during spawning, often choosing a small cave or crevice to spawn inside. In the aquarium the species often spawns under flat...

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