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Latest Language death Stories

2010-10-06 05:55:00

Linguists looking for dying languages have discovered a "hidden" language spoken by just 800 people in the remote northeast region of India near the border of China and Bhutan. The researchers first believed they were documenting a dialect of the Aka farming and hunting tribe, but later realized they were working with a wholly different vocabulary and linguistic structure. The newly discovered language, called Koro, belongs to the same family of languages as Tibetan and Burmese, said...

2009-11-02 06:57:32

Elder Tommy George has not spoken his aboriginal language of Kuku Thaypan for three years, since his brother died. "It might die in the throat, but it stays alive in the heart," he said to the Queensland Courier-Mail in June, 2009. What happens when you no longer have anyone to talk to in your own language? "A language is not just words and grammar; it is a web of history that binds all the people who once spoke the language, all the things they did together, all the knowledge they imparted...