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2014-04-22 12:26:54

OTTAWA and GATINEAU, QC, April 22, 2014 /CNW/ - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today announced that video relay service will be made available in Canada for users of American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ). When it launches, the service will facilitate conversations between people who are Deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired and other Canadians, and vice versa. Video relay service is a telecommunications service that...

2012-05-18 23:56:12

Two studies led by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and National Geographic´s Genographic Project reveal new information about the migration patterns of the first humans to settle the Americas.  The studies identify the historical relationships among various groups of Native American and First Nations peoples and present the first clear evidence of the genetic impact of the groups´ cultural practices. For many of these populations, this is the first time their...

Endangered American Indian Language Resurrected
2011-11-22 09:18:01

[ Watch the Video ] Educator develops multimedia tools to share Ojibwe language and culture University of Minnesota Duluth education professor Mary Hermes says saving an endangered language goes beyond just enriching the people who speak it. "I think people have got to get beyond thinking it's just for the Ojibwe people, that we want to save their Ojibwe language. There's 10,000 years of human evolution and knowledge in that language," she says. With support from the National...

2011-09-01 12:18:05

A recent study of the speech information rate of seven languages concludes that there is considerable variation in the speed at which languages are spoken, but much less variation in how efficiently languages communicate the same information. The study, "A cross-linguistic perspective on speech information rate," to be published in the September 2011 issue of the scholarly journal Language, is co-authored by François Pellegrino, Christophe Coupé, and Egidio Marsico....

2009-05-07 08:27:40

We are surrounded by a multitude of different accents every day. Even when a speaker of another English dialect pronounces words differently than we do, we are typically able to recognize their words. Psychologist Catherine Best from MARCS Laboratories, University of Western Sydney, along with colleagues from Haskins Laboratories and Wesleyan University, report a ground-breaking study on the early development of this cross-dialect skill, which they term "phonological constancy." In this...

2008-06-17 15:00:10

INDIAN TOWNSHIP - The health center will hold its eighth annual health fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 18, on the health center grounds. There will be drumming, traditional medicines, a health walk and a kiddie train, as well as a diabetes screening, Camp Kieve rock wall and seat belt convincer. Among the agencies attending will be the Passamaquoddy Boys and Girls Club, Passamaquoddy Housing Authority, Midcoast EMS, Indian Township Fire and Rescue, Peaceful Relations, Kennebec...

2008-06-10 21:00:20

By Mila Koumpilova, Grand Forks Herald, N.D. Jun. 10--MAHNOMEN, Minn. -- Normalcy has returned to the Mahnomen School District. Attendance at Monday's board meeting was back to a couple dozen, from more than 80 at a raucous April meeting when the board let first-year High School Principal Susan Ninham go. The board's decision to not renew Ninham's contract set off an outcry from some residents, who felt she was penalized for her advocacy for native students. Other residents joined...

2008-06-07 03:00:05

By Kukharenko, Svitlana ABSTRACT: Magical efficacy has been important in Ukrainian wedding ritual. The korovai, rushnyk, omens, gifts, the showering of the couple, and other "sacred" objects and acts of the Ukrainian folk wedding are believed to be imbued with prophetic qualities. Uprooted folklore tradition, however, faces inevitable transformations, and Ukrainian immigrants in Canada tend to know and believe in magical objects and actions significantly less. The examination of magical...

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