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Selkirk Rex Cat Officially Its Own Breed
2013-06-24 09:27:07

For over 20 years cat lovers and breeders have recognized the Selkirk Rex, or the poodle-haired cat, as its own breed. Now, scientists have finally agreed with these fans, formally classifying the interesting looking animal as its own breed.

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2007-12-13 19:39:03

The LaPerm is a rex breed of cat from the US with curly fur "“ the tightest curls on the throat, base of the ears, and the belly of each cat. It comes in many colors and patterns and is not related to any other rex breeds, because a dominant gene causes its curls, unlike most rex's recessive genetics. The coat is the defining feature of the LaPerm; made up of soft waves, ringlets and curls it resembles a shaggy perm, thus the name. The LaPerm is a moderately sized cat with a muscular...

2007-12-13 18:54:15

Tonkinese (or "Tonks" are a medium-sized short-haired cat breed that is a cross between Siamese and Burmese. These cats are distinguished by points like the Siamese and Himalayans. Some claim that this breed's appearance is similar to the original appearance of the Siamese. Tonkinese cats are generally muscular and trim, but heavier than they appear to be. They have a modified wedge-shaped head with large ears set far apart. They also have a distinctive oval-shaped paw. These cats are...

2007-12-13 12:15:26

The Siberian cat is very strong and powerful. Siberians have strong hindquarters which enable them to jump quite high. They weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, and even though they attain the same weight as breeds such as the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat their bodies are typically shorter and stockier, reaching full maturity after about 5 years. These cats are extremely agile and athletic. Their back is medium and slightly lower in the front than the rear, because of longer hind...

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