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2008-08-31 18:05:00

By LARA GOULD AT just five days old her parents were strapping tiny bags of rice to her arms in a cruel fitness regime. Three years later and little Barbara Akulova has been turned into a baby bodybuilder - pumping iron bars for two hours a day. A shock TV series has exposed how her Ukrainian parents are seriously risking their daughter's health by pushing her to the brink. But dad Uri boasted: "Barbara can lift 16 kilos from the ground which is more than her own weight."...

2008-07-15 09:01:21

Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (OTCBB:CSKH), a leading developer and provider of solar power solutions, today announced the establishment of a corporate office in the city of Larissa, in Central Greece. Partnering with Larissa-based Aspen Energy, whose focus is the procurement of solar energy business opportunities throughout Greece, Clear Skies Solar (CSS) will serve as Aspen's exclusive supplier of renewable energy technology and installation. "We are extremely enthusiastic about entering a...

2008-05-20 00:00:21

By Chris Collins, The Fresno Bee, Calif. May 19--She had no words. She shed no tears. Larissa Schuster sat silently and stared straight forward as she was sentenced Friday. Behind her sat the people from her past -- her old friends, her mother-in-law, her daughter. They looked on with solemn faces, wondering, they later told the court, why five years after Schuster murdered her husband she still could not conjure up an ounce of remorse. "You have failed in your task to ruin my life,...

2005-09-01 09:10:00

NASA -- New NASA Hubble Space Telescope images of the distant planet Neptune show a dynamic atmosphere and capture the fleeting orbits of its satellites. The images have been assembled into a time-lapse movie revealing the orbital motion of the satellites. Images were taken in 14 different colored filters probing various altitudes in Neptune's deep atmosphere so that scientists can study the haze and clouds in detail. These are several snapshots from the Neptune movie. The natural-color view...

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2004-10-19 04:45:41

Planet Larissa -- Larissa is the fifth of Neptune's known moons. It was discovered by Harold Reitsema based on ground-based stellar occultation observations, and was photographed by Voyager 2 in 1989. Larissa is irregular (non-spherical) in shape and appears to be heavily cratered, with no sign of any geological modification. Little else is known about it. Since its orbit is below Neptune's synchronous orbit radius it is slowly decaying due to tidal forces and will one day break up...

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