Latest late-onset hypogonadism Stories

2010-06-17 13:04:27

Scientists have for the first time identified the symptoms associated with what has been termed late-onset hypogonadism or 'male menopause' caused by a reduction in testosterone production in ageing men. But the researchers say that unlike the female menopause, which affects all women, the male menopause is relatively rare, affecting only 2% of elderly men, and is often linked to poor general health and obesity. The findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, should provide...

2007-09-25 06:00:09

By Lunenfeld, Bruno Nieschlag, Eberhard Abstract The decline, with aging, in serum concentrations of biologically active forms of testosterone in men is an indisputable fact and some men will eventually develop symptoms of late-onset hypogonadism (LOH) with its clinical consequences. LOH reduces quality of life and may pose important risk factors for frailty, changes in body composition, cardiovascular disease, sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis. Testosterone supplementation in cases of...

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