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2015-05-01 08:24:48

Partnership provides a unique platform for Cross, established in 1846 and America's oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments, to display the elegance of its products to over one million Latitude

2015-04-08 16:24:12

In the news release, Latitude 360 Achieves Milestone of Surpassing 5,000 Club Memberships, With More Than 4,000 Active Rewards Members Across Network, issued 08-Apr-2015 by Latitude

2015-04-08 08:26:58

10 Percent of all Membership Fees Donated to Charity Through "Latitude Cares" NEW YORK, Apr.

2014-05-28 23:13:14

A new study by insight and innovation firm, Latitude, asks children to imagine and illustrate their ideas for how to deal with the world’s growing waste and pollution problem—yielding down-to-earth

Debate On Sloping Sea Settled By GOCE
2013-02-15 15:17:53

For decades, scientists have disagreed about whether the sea is higher or lower heading north along the east coast of North America. Thanks to precision gravity data from ESA’s GOCE satellite, this controversial issue has now been settled. The answer? It’s lower.

2011-04-07 07:15:00

INDIANAPOLIS, April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Indianapolis residents will soon have the city's first all-inclusive entertainment venue in which to spend their leisure hours, according to Brent Brown, CEO of Latitude Global, the parent company of Latitude 39(TM), LLC.

2009-04-21 17:25:34

The U.S.

2008-09-24 06:00:17

Dell today is delivering a one of a kind electronic privacy screen on the Latitude E6400 and introduced the M109S on-the-go pocket-sized projector. The company is also offering color across its Latitude mainstream and ultra-portable laptops. More information can be found at www.dell.com/latitude.

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Tropic of Cancer
2013-02-19 16:11:13

The Tropic of Cancer, which is also referred to as the Northern tropic, is the circle of latitude on the Earth that serves as a marker for the most northerly position at which the sun may appear directly overhead at its zenith. This event happens once per year, at the time of the June solstice, when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun to its maximum degree. Its Southern Hemisphere counterpart, marking the most southerly position at which the Sun might appear directly...

2013-02-19 15:46:08

An equator is the intersection of a sphere’s surface with the plane that is perpendicular to the sphere’s axis of rotation and midway between the poles. The Equator is normally referred to the Earth’s equator: an imaginary line on the Earth’s surface halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole, separating the Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Other planets and astronomical bodies have equators that are similarly defined. The Equator is approximately...

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