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2008-11-29 09:06:03

Laughter intensified at Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center as the off-color anecdotes bounced around the room, with some reciting jokes from memory while others read from journals.

2008-10-12 15:00:15

By J. PEDER ZANE Soaring gas prices, flooding rains, market meltdowns, mindless campaigns and mosquitoes here, there, everywhere - smack! I don't know about you, but I could use a good laugh. To wit: A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar.

2008-09-21 21:00:18

By Joan Aragone Remember Norman Cousins? The writer and editor was one of the first Americans to write about the connection between "mind and body." In a 1976 article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Cousins described how he cured himself of a life-threatening condition by ignoring doctors' orders, including taking a variety of prescription drugs.

2008-08-04 15:00:35

By The Catherine Deveney Interview PAUL MERTON is an intense kind of man. That's not, by the way, subliminal code for 'nutty comedian'.

2008-07-28 06:00:00

THE QUESTION of whether laughter really is the best medicine is set to be answered at this year's Fringe. Comedian John Ryan has convinced a group of nurses to carry out health checks on the best stand-ups in the land.

2008-07-22 12:00:47

Play 99.6 in Collaboration with Petra Aluminum Presents Dean Obeidallah and Maysoon Zayid in a Live Comedy Performance The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has traditionally welcomed original cultural events from across the globe.

2008-07-09 15:00:10

A British science writer says he has determined humor is just the recognition of a pattern that a person finds surprising.

2007-05-01 06:00:13

By Chinery, Winifred KEYWORDS Alleviation, Humour, Operating theatre, Stress The use of humour was reviewed to establish whether it could be used constructively to reduce work-related stress within the perioperative environment.

2006-01-20 11:15:00

Sitting through a funny movie seems to be as good for your heart as running through the park, a small study suggests.

2005-11-22 16:40:00

In an important new study from the forthcoming Quarterly Review of Biology, biologists from Binghamton University explore the evolution of two distinct types of laughter – laughter which is stimulus-driven and laughter which is self-generated and strategic.

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