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2006-11-25 10:55:00

Being in the right place at the right time allowed scientists to capture and record an undersea volcanic eruption. This provided a view of the death and birth of a mid-ocean ridge from various perspectives "“ geological, biological, and geophysical -- providing new insight into the inner workings of our planet. Ordinarily, losing almost all of one's instruments would be considered a severe setback to any scientist. But when Maya Tolstoy, a marine geophysicist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth...

2006-08-16 04:55:00

By Darren Whiteside LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines -- Seismic activity at the Philippines' most active volcano calmed overnight but it could be weeks before 40,000 people evacuated from the shadow of the shuddering mountain can return home. Villagers, sheltering in schools, have been waiting for Mount Mayon to explode after experts warned last week it could erupt at any time. The warning triggered mass evacuations from an 8-km (5 mile) danger zone on the mountain's southeast flank. "If the decline...

2006-08-06 20:42:54

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines raised the alert on its most active volcano to the second-highest level on Monday and ordered the evacuation of around 20,000 people after three ash explosions signaled a possible eruption within days. Mayon volcano in the central Philippines has been spewing lava and boulders the size of cars since last month, leaving a bubbling, pyrotechnic trail more than 6 km (4 miles) down its southeastern slope. "We deem it necessary to raise the alert level...

2006-07-31 06:42:24

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Flows of lava accompanied by showers of molten rock shooting into the sky have forced villagers living close to a volcano in eastern Indonesia to shelter in schools and churches, officials said on Saturday. Dali Ahmad, an Indonesian vulcanologist, said by telephone that there did not appear to be a danger of a major eruption by Mount Karangetan at the moment but the lava continued to threaten nearby villages. There have been no reports of casualties so far from...

2006-07-14 08:15:45

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines decided on Friday to raise the alert level at the country's most active volcano and warned residents to stay away from the mountain after a lava spill was observed at its crater. Mayon volcano in the central Philippines spewed ash on Thursday but lava was seen spilling from its crater late on Friday, prompting authorities to raise the alert level to 3 from 1 ordered in 2003. "We're preparing to raise the alert level to 3," said Renato Solidum,...

2006-06-13 08:56:56

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia - Mount Merapi's unstable lava dome has partially collapsed, easing pressure that threatened to make the Indonesian volcano erupt. However, the mountain remains as the "highest possible alert," volcanologist Antonius Ratdomopurbo said on Monday. "We should know within two days whether we can lower the (alert) level," Ratdomopurbo said. The mountain has been venting steam and debris for weeks, but its lava dome swelled after a powerful May 28 earthquake, raising...

2006-06-12 00:48:22

By Adi Kurniawan MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia (Reuters) - Indonesia's Mount Merapi could be downgraded from its top alert status soon as the volcano has spewed less hot gas and molten lava in recent days, an expert said on Monday. Merapi -- in central Java near the ancient royal city of Yogyakarta, 440 km (270 miles) east of Jakarta -- is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the Pacific "Ring of Fire." It has been threatening a major eruption for weeks, forcing the...

2006-06-06 12:30:00

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia has evacuated about 2,000 people from areas at risk from a volcano spewing hot gas and lava, and expects to move thousands more amid signs of increased activity from Mount Merapi, officials said on Tuesday. The volcano, on Indonesia's main island of Java and about 450 km (280 miles) east of the capital Jakarta, has been sporadically belching out toxic gases and lava for many weeks, with experts saying a major eruption might come at any time. "The lava has spread...

2006-05-30 05:05:00

By Ahmed Ali Amir MORONI -- A volcano bubbling lava on the Indian Ocean island of Grande Comore has stabilized and poses no immediate threat, but may explode at a later date, experts say. But many of the 300,000 people living in the shadow of Mount Karthla on the Comoros archipelago's biggest island remained tense on Tuesday and ready to evacuate if necessary. "I'm not sleeping at night," said student Athoumane Bacar, 22. "My bags are packed and I'm watching that volcano the whole evening. If...

2006-05-29 06:00:00

By Ahmed Ali Amir MORONI (Reuters) - Lava bubbled from a volcano in the Comoros on Monday, frightening thousands on the Indian Ocean archipelago's largest island who feared a full-blown eruption as they waited to see where the molten rock might flow. An early morning reconnaissance flight over the crater of 2,361-meter (7,750-ft) Mount Karthala -- one of the world's largest active volcanoes which dominates the island of Grande Comore -- gave no new clues. "The information we have is that the...

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Mount Nyiragongo
2014-08-28 11:22:30

Mount Nyiragongo is an active stratovolcano that is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This volcano is part of the Virunga Mountains and is located in Virunga National Park. It reaches an elevation of 11,385 feet and has a crater that reaches 1.2 miles in width. This crater typically holds a lava lake that has varied between 2,000 and 10,660 feet in depth. It is not known how long this volcano has been active, but at least 34 eruptions have been recorded since 1882. Mount...

2014-04-10 12:06:55

Hualālai is a dormant shield volcano that is located on the island of Hawaii and is one of five volcanoes that form the island. It reaches an elevation of 8,271 feet and is thought to have emerged from the sea about 300,000 years ago, making it the third youngest volcano on the island. Its shape is rough compared to younger volcanoes and it holds three rift zones that are covered with over one hundred cinder cones and spatter cones. Although it does not hold a caldera at its summit, it does...

2014-04-10 10:03:58

Kohala is an extinct shield volcano that is located on the island of Hawaii and reaches an elevation of 5,480 feet. It is one of five volcanoes that comprise the island of Hawaii and is thought to be about one million years old, although it only emerged from the sea about 500,000 years ago. Because its last eruption is thought to have occurred about 120,000 years ago, based on studies conducted on hardened lava flows, this volcano is not thought to pose a threat to inhabitants on the island....

2014-04-08 12:54:37

Eldfell is an active stratovolcano that is located in Iceland on the island of Heimaey, in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. It reaches an elevation of 656 feet and was created during a volcanic eruption on the east side of the island in 1973. Its name means Mountain of Fire in the Icelandic language. Iceland is an area with a high frequency of volcanic activity because it is located on top of the Iceland hotspot and beside the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. So many eruptions occur here that it is thought...

2014-01-12 00:00:00

Volcanology is the study of volcanoes, magma, lava, and related geological, geochemical, and geophysical phenomena. The term volcanology comes from the Latin word Vulcan. Vulcan is the ancient Roman god of fire. A volcanologist is a person who studies the creation of volcanoes, and their current and historic eruptions. Volcanologists frequently visit volcanoes, particularly active ones, to observe volcanic eruptions, collect eruptive products including samples of tephra, lava, and rock....

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