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Latest Law of the sea Stories

2006-08-09 07:25:00

By Charlie Zhu SINGAPORE -- In Tilman Walterfang's eyes, the seabed of Southeast Asian waters is a bonanza. After discovering three treasure-laden shipwrecks in Indonesian waters between 1997 and 1998, including the famous Tang Treasure that was sold to Singapore in 2004 for $32 million, the German treasure hunter is returning to the region for more. He believes there are more shipwrecks resting on seabeds across Southeast Asia, especially in the Strait of Malacca, one of the world's busiest...

2005-10-12 16:34:05

By Stefano Ambrogi COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - The United States wants to search foreign ships far outside its territorial waters to stop a possible terrorist attack on the country coming from the sea, a U.S. coastguard leader said on Wednesday. "If the threat is significant enough we will board that ship as far from our coast as we can," said Vice Admiral Harvey Johnson who is Pacific Area commander of the U.S. coastguard. Johnson, who oversees key trade routes with Asia, told a...