Latest Lead poisoning Stories

2008-07-02 09:00:20

By ERIC TUCKER By Eric Tucker The Associated Press PROVIDENCE, R.I. Rhode Island's Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a first-in- the-nation jury verdict that found three former lead paint companies responsible for creating a public nuisance, rejecting a closely watched case that had been seen as a bellwether for potential lawsuits across the country. The 4-0 decision ends the nearly decade-long court fight and spares the companies from potentially billions in cleanup costs for...

2008-07-01 03:00:20

Conservationists say a new law may help save endangered California condors by keeping lead ammunition out of their habitats. The measure, which goes into effect Tuesday, will require hunters to use only non-lead ammunition in the habitats. The California Legislature passed the measure last year because condors were being poisoned by swallowing lead bullets or fragments when they feed on carcasses of animals shot with the ammunition, Defenders of Wildlife said. The group said more than 276...

2008-05-03 08:30:00

Proper training on lead hazards, safe working conditionsRipping out and tearing down to create a divinely designed home, a la HGTV, is all the rage today "“ and the economic downturn may be leading more families to renovate rather than relocate. But a new study has found that parents need to be aware that all this interior renovation can put their children's health at risk due to exposure to lead.The study conducted by researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center found...

2008-01-28 15:40:00

New research suggests that some of what we now consider to be normal aging in the brain might in fact be the long-term effects of exposure to environmental pollutants, such as lead, many years ago. "We're trying to offer a caution that a portion of what has been called normal aging might in fact be due to ubiquitous environmental exposures like lead," Dr. Brian Schwartz of John Hopkins University told Associated Press."The fact that it's happening with lead is the first proof of principle...

2008-01-22 16:05:00

Health departments around the U.S. say traditional medicines used by immigrants from Latin America, India and other parts of Asia are the second most common source of lead poisoning in the country, surpassed only by lead paint. In fact, these medicines may account for tens of thousands of cases of lead poisoning in children each year, according to an AP investigation.Dozens of adults and children have become gravely ill or died during the past eight years after taking these...

2006-03-23 15:43:45

By Anupama Chandrasekaran NEW YORK (Reuters) - Reebok International said on Thursday it is likely to conduct a global recall of certain promotional bracelets after a child in the United States died of lead poisoning after reportedly swallowing one. The sporting goods company and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the U.S. recall of 300,000 of the eight-inch-long metal bracelets that have a heart-shaped charm with the name "Reebok" engraved on one side. They were...

2006-03-23 12:25:00

NEW YORK -- Reebok International is recalling about 300,000 promotional bracelets after a child reportedly died of lead poisoning after swallowing one, U.S. officials said on Thursday. The eight-inch-long metal bracelets, with a heart-shaped charm with the name "Reebok" engraved on one side, were distributed as gifts with the purchase of various styles of children's footwear. The recalled jewelry contains high levels of lead, posing a risk of lead poisoning and adverse health effects to young...

2006-01-19 11:16:45

By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Exposure to even small amounts of lead through a mother's blood may harm the brain development of unborn babies, a new study suggests. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently considers 10 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL) the "level of concern" for lead in the bloodstream, but researchers in Mexico found that maternal blood lead levels well below 10 mcg/dL appeared to have a lasting impact on their children's IQ, at...

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