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2009-06-19 15:00:33

Chiles important reservoirs of genetic diversity important for conserving biodiversity Without the process of domestication, humans would still be hunters and gatherers, and modern civilization would look very different. Fortunately, for all of us who do not relish the thought of spending our days searching for nuts and berries, early civilizations successfully cultivated many species of animals and plants found in their surroundings. Current studies of the domestication of various species...

2009-05-28 10:56:35

An international team of scientists has cracked the problem of pod shatter in brassica crops such as oilseed rape.Just before harvest, oilseed rape pods are prone to shatter, causing a 10-25% loss of seeds and up to 70% in some cases."By artificially producing a hormone in a specific region of the fruit, we have stopped the fruit opening in the related model plant Arabidopsis, completely sealing the seeds inside," says Dr Lars Østergaard from the John Innes Centre....

2009-01-19 07:00:00

American Classic(R) All Natural Purple, Green and Orange Cauliflower by Salyer American Brings The Farmers Market To Your Kitchen Table MONTEREY, Calif., Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- American Classic(R) by Salyer American introduces a full line of cauliflower -- ranging from purple, green, and orange "colorflower" to the more familiar white variety. Harvested fresh from Salyer American farms in California and Arizona, these varieties are all natural with no artificial colors or dyes added....

2008-12-05 14:45:00

Global food shortages could be helped by the integration of plants that grow in salty conditions, according to researchers. The Earth's water is made up of only 1 percent freshwater, and many areas are suffering weakened crop production due to a gradual increase in salt levels in water supplies. "Salinisation is irreversible," says Professor Jelte Rozema from the department of systems ecology at the Free University, Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. "Sooner or later mankind has to accept the...

2008-11-18 11:17:05

The more couples lose in the stock market, the more they fight putting a strain on their marriage, a U.S. psychotherapist says. Mary Jo Rapini of The Methodist Hospital in Houston says she has been counseling more couples who find that anxiety over their economic situation threatens the long-range outlook of their lives together. The more couples spend and lose in the stock market, the more they fight, Rapini says in a statement. The bickering can put a huge strain on a marriage. Stress and...

2008-08-14 15:00:45

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the nationwide recall of Flower-brand dried sweet potato due to a labeling error. The FDA said the Hop Lee Trading Co. Inc. of New York is recalling the product because it contains undeclared sulfites, thereby posing a health hazard for people allergic to sulfites. The Flower-brand dried sweet potato, a product of China, is sold in 12-ounce, uncoded, clear plastic packages and was distributed nationwide. Consumers can return the product...

2008-08-05 03:00:37

By Anonymous Lincolnshire-based Boston seeds has introduced a green manure product onto the UK market that can be used as both a natural fumigant and soil conditioner. Named Vittasso brown mustard, the product is already popular in the US and some parts of Europe. It works as a biofumigant - meaning that it contains volatile, plant- derived chemicals that can suppress soil-borne pathogens, nematodes, insects and weeds - on potato, soft fruit and salad crops. The plant is grown as a crop...

2008-07-22 15:00:49

According to news.gov.hk: Three new vegetables cultivated byorganic methods will be available next month, the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Departmentsays. They are dark leaf Chinese white cabbage, little cucumber from Thailand and leaf beet from Taiwan. The department held a seminar for local farmers today at Tai Lung Experimental Station to introduce organic cultivation methods forthree newvegetables. The vegetables are suitable for cultivation in Hong Kong in summer and...

2008-07-18 08:44:44

The lettuce cut and packaged for food service and salad mixes is an increasingly important component of the produce industry. Lettuce is highly perishable, and the cutting required in processing further shortens its shelf life. Packaging cut lettuce and other fresh produce in semipermeable plastic films extends shelf life via a technique called "modified-atmosphere packaging". The success of modified-atmosphere (MA) packaging for lettuce and certain salad greens has led to innovative...

2008-06-24 02:30:28

Cruciferous vegetables -- broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, bok choy and kale -- may reduce bladder cancer risk, U.S. researchers said. Susan McCann of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y., found people who consume at least three or more servings of cruciferous vegetables a month had about a 40 percent reduction in risk of bladder cancer. The finding is remarkable, considering just three servings a month can help keep a bladder free of cancer, McCann said in a...

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Leaf vegetables
2013-08-21 09:03:22

Leaf vegetables are leaves from various plants that are edible with some leaves having tender shoots, such as beet greens, attached. Leaf vegetables are very high in nutrition and may be used in various culinary dishes. While there are over a thousand species of leaf vegetables, they generally come from plants that are short-lived such as lettuce and spinach. Leaf vegetables are high in vitamin K which is caused from the photosynthesis that takes place during the growing phase. Anyone on...

2009-04-28 21:04:39

The Plutella xylostella is often referred to as the Diamondback or Cabbage moth. This species is has a brief lifespan of only 14 days and is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe, but has since dispersed across the world. This species is capable of reproducing quickly and can travel great distances. Diamondback are considered serious pests in warmer climates when the absence of a harsh winter prevents their eggs from being destroyed. The moths are resistant to...

2009-04-28 15:40:33

Brassica tournefortii is a species of mustard plant that is more commonly known as Asian, African and Sahara mustard. It is very similar to other mustard species blooming annually with long stems reaching just over 3 feet in length, but the flowers are a duller yellow. Indigenous to North Africa and the Middle East, this species was transported accidentally to the United States by humans. It grows abundantly in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts and in hot valleys of southern California....

2009-04-28 15:37:54

Brassica rapa or Turnip Mustard is grown primarily as a leaf vegetable, root vegetable and an oilseed and is often referred to as a field mustard. Napa cabbage and turnip are members of this group. Varieties of this plant are used in experiments because they are easy to grow and require little attention and reach full maturity in 40 days. Some have even been used in botany experiments in space. Photo Copyright and Credit

2009-04-28 15:35:18

Brassica oleracea is indigenous to the coastal areas of southern and western Europe and is often referred to as Wild Mustard. It is tolerant of salt and lime in the soil of its native lands. The plant grows tall and blooms biennially. Large sturdy leaves act as water storage. Once the plant is two years old a tall stem measuring 3 - 7 feet in height grows bearing a cluster of yellow flowers. This plant is flush with nutrients like vitamin C. Cultivars of this plant are categorized into...

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